Is the Y-Brush toothbrush effective? Proof of its effectiveness!

Thanks to the automatic toothbrush Y-brush, it is now possible to brush your teeth efficiently in only 10 seconds.

Y-Brush was developed in collaboration with dentists. The device mimics the Bass method recommended by health professionals. It aims to clean the teeth with precision via an angle of 45 degrees, but also the gums and the junction between these two elements, where the bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis nestle. The length and the smoothness of the nylon filaments of the Y-Brush make it possible indeed to reach the interdental spaces, the gingival furrow and the gums. Flexible and rounded with the end, the hairs do not damage the gums, nor the enamel of the teeth.

Y-Brush has proven its effectiveness in numerous in vivo and in vitro tests.

The effectiveness of brushing - and by extension of the toothbrush used - is measured above all by its ability to remove dental plaque. A basic movement and any material can indeed clean the teeth on the surface, but they do not allow for a deep and therefore really effective cleaning.

Y-Brush has been the subject of numerous publications in the press and on television. It was an opportunity for dozens of journalists to test the effectiveness of our sonic vibration toothbrush and to have proof. Find for example the article "Y-Brush: Wash your teeth in 10 seconds" on mafamillezen.com.

In vitro tests that prove the complete removal of dental plaque

Y-Brush is effective and removes dental plaque

Here is a test of effectiveness carried out on a replica of a human jaw. Teeth are stained with a colored solution simulating dental plaque. Brushing makes it possible to visualize the cleaning action of the device.

As shown in these images, Y-Brush removes all the dental plaque present on the teeth (no more red stains).

Y-Brush thus allows a good oral hygiene and healthy teeth for a bright smile!

10 seconds of brushing with Y-brush is equivalent to 2 minutes of brushing with a manual/electric toothbrush

Our engineers also conducted comparative tests with a conventional toothbrush.

As we can see in the middle photograph (image below), the Y-Brush removes all the dental plaque in just 10 seconds. This is largely due to the presence of more than 34,000 nylon filaments.

Even a conventional toothbrush doesn't achieve the same result with a long 2-minute brushing session. The time saved with Y-Brush does not affect the effectiveness of brushing.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions about the effectiveness of our product, please do not hesitate to contact us!

In vivo tests that prove the complete removal of dental plaque

A series of in vivo tests were carried out in the mouth on a hundred volunteer users.

The individual tester did not perform any oral health care for 36 hours in order to have both recent and older dental plaque in the oral cavity. At the end of this time, photos with dental plaque developer are taken. The individual tester then uses the Y-Brush device for a single brushing, once 5 seconds for the upper teeth and 5 seconds for the lower teeth, always following the instructions for use and with toothpaste. At the end of brushing, the dental plaque is evaluated with a plaque developer to measure the concrete and immediate cleaning action of the device.

These in vivo tests showed that the Y-Brush device is more effective than a 2-minute brushing with a conventional toothbrush and it even removes 15% more dental plaque. These tests also validated the level of flexibility required and the different brush sizes, the power of the vibration modes, the comfort of use and the non-nauseous reflex.

Here is a video test of the Y-Brush efficiency:

Our team also conducted tests to compare the effectiveness of the Y-Brush nylon filaments compared to the silicone bristles used by our competitors. You can find an article on this subject in our blog.

Would you like to order your Y-Brush to enjoy an efficient brushing in 10 seconds?
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