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How do I earn points?

Earn points through purchases and actions

Create an account

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All about the loyalty program

How do I join the Y-Brush loyalty program?<>

To join the loyalty program, simply create an account on our website.
You will automatically receive 20 points after creating your account.

How do I earn loyalty points?<>

You can earn points by making a purchase on our site or various actions.
Each action corresponds to a defined number of points and some of them offer points only once.
When you make a purchase, you earn new points each time.

How many points do I earn for each order?<>

You receive 1 point for every euro spent.
If you make a purchase of €30, you receive 30 points.

How long are my points valid?<>

Your points are valid for 1 year (12 months) from the moment you earn them.
If you make a purchase on January 1 of €150, the 150 points you earn on this purchase are therefore valid up to and including December 31.


Can I accumulate several rewards in the same order?<>

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accumulate several rewards in the same order.

On what type(s) of order(s) are my rewards valid?<>

Your rewards are only valid on non-subscription purchases.

What is the minimum purchase to redeem my coupon?<>

Each voucher has a minimum purchase:
10€ discount: minimum purchase of 40€
20€ discount: minimum purchase of 60€
25€ discount: minimum purchase of 70€
50€ discount: minimum purchase of 120€.


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