What If You Could Brush Your Teeth Perfectly in 10 seconds ?

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What If You Could Brush Your Teeth Perfectly in 10 seconds ?

Buy Y-Brush


What If You Could Brush Your Teeth Perfectly in 10 seconds ?

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How does it work?

Unlike your manual/electric toothbrush, Y-Brush automatically cleans all of your teeth in-depth, for children and adults alike.

Developed in close collaboration with dentists for more than four years, the patented Y-Brush technology reproduces the correct gestures (the Bass technique) and uses sonic vibrations. These vibrations allow the 35,000 nylon filaments lining the brush to remove the dental plaque. Y-Brush is the only product on the market able to use nylon filaments.

Y-Brush est efficace en 10 secondes

Efficient and simplified brushing

The Bass method consists of tilting the brush head at a 45° angle while using vertical movements to remove plaque and bacteria from the gumline efficiently. On the Y-Brush, the filaments are already tilted at 45°, just "chew" the brush very gently to reproduce this method.

Do you want proof of the effectiveness of the Y-Brush toothbrush? Click here

...for the whole family

With its two brush sizes, the whole family can use the Y-Brush (1 child size for children from 4 to 12 years old and 1 adult size for those 12 years old and older. Our brushes are very flexible, and therefore adaptable to all jaw shapes.

The simplicity of the gesture (chewing) for Y-Brush also addresses the problem of tooth brushing in children with disabilities and people who are more dependent.

Efficacité des brosses en nylon par rapport aux brosses en silicone


We've done a lot of testing. These tests have shown that the nylon filaments on the Y-Brush remove 15 percent more plaque than a two-minute brushing with a conventional toothbrush.

Tests have also been carried out in comparison with competing products on the market that do not use nylon fibers but big silicone "tips".

We have thus demonstrated a inefficiency, which can be dangerous, since the dental plaque was not removed and continued to accumulate.

I want to know more about the advantages of nylon

Start Pack

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Introducing Y-Brush, the smarter auto-cleaning electric toothbrush. Simultaneous in-depth cleaning of all your teeth in only 10 seconds only.

Developed alongside with specialists, Y-Brush automatically cleans your teeth in depth with the Bass method, recommended by dentists. In just 10 seconds of using the Bass method your teeth will be cleaned with sonic vibrating technology.

This start pack for one person includes: 1 Handle, 1 Brush, 1 USB cable.

Seen and tested by many journalists (Cnet, BBC, Forbes, etc.).

How do I choose the size of my brush ?

  • Brush size S : Ages 4-12
  • Brush Size M : Ages 12+

Technical specifications

-3 sonic vibration modes: Soft mode (15 seconds), standard mode (10 seconds), intensive mode (5 seconds)
-Flexible "Y" brush, adapts to all jaws
-Brush lined with 35,000 nylon PA6.12 filaments to remove plaque to between the teeth and care for the gums. Unlike other products on the market, the brush is not made of silicone, which has no effectiveness.
-Filaments inclined at 45° on the walls to simulate the Bass method recommended by dentists
-Built-in battery lasts 2 months of use
-The brush is interchangeable to have only one handle for the whole family.
-Waterproof (splashproof), you can even use it in the shower.
-Validated by in vitro and in vivo tests

Customer reviews

I've tried the brush and it's really surprising: a few seconds to gently clean your teeth, it feels like it can't be effective ...and yet it's well done!

– Audrey

What amazed me the most was the extreme speed of the brushing. It's simple, intuitive and functional.

– Edouard

After brushing, one can only recognize that the operation is effective!

– Julien

A revolutionary product

and recommended by health care professional.

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Recommended by dentists for its effectiveness, Y-Brush is also attracting interest from the general public.


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