Are you or someone close to you disabled? Your child is a carrier of Cognitive disorders (CDs), autistic disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder Without Hyperactivity (ADHD), or motor disorders?

We know that tooth brushing is very complicated because it is difficult for you to use an intrusive toothbrush for 2 long minutes?

Y-Brush is precisely adapted to the majority of children and adults in this situation living at home. Even better, Y-Brush has been developed taking into account the feedback from the use of our first product range FasTeesH (https://fasteesh.com/) intended for dependent people (elderly or disabled) living in medico-social establishments (EHPAD, MAS, FAM, USLD, etc.).

Indeed, Y-Brush is able to brush all teeth efficiently in only 10 seconds, and this with a Y-shaped brush, very fine, comfortable, and without nauseous reflex. The gesture is simplified and can be easily performed either by the person himself or by an outside helper: "chew" if possible and turn the brush from right to left and then from left to right.

Would you like additional information adapted to your situation? Need help to fill in a Y-Brush care file for a handicap? Or would you like to share with us your experience of tooth brushing without / with Y-Brush?

Contact us via our contact form and select "Handicap" in the subject line.

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