Why create this toothbrush?


According to dentists and regardless of the brushing technology used, toothbrushing is effective when used:
- soft nylon filaments (even in PBT, but not in silicone)
- A pressure neither too strong nor too weak and a vertical brushing movement
- A 45° inclination of the nylon bristles
- A brushing time of 2 minutes or 120 seconds

The Y-Brush sonic toothbrush precisely bases its NylonMed technology on these different characteristics and recommendations. Including brushing time!

With a classic manual or electric toothbrush, you brush tooth by tooth and face by face (front, back, top).
In reality, out of the 2 minutes of cumulative brushing time, we therefore spend 1.25 seconds on average on each tooth. With Y-Brush sonic toothbrushes, all sides of each tooth are brushed simultaneously and automatically up then down.
By choosing the most intensive vibration mode (the fastest), over a total brushing time of 5 seconds for the top teeth and 5 seconds for the bottom teeth, Y-Brush thus spends 5 seconds on each tooth. That's 4 times more than conventional dental brushing!

The Y-Brush electric brush was designed in collaboration with a team of dentists.

Sonic toothbrush versus manual toothbrush

Sonic toothbrushes are electric toothbrushes whose brush head vibrates very quickly, without rotating, at a frequency varying between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz generated by the handle.

Efficacy studies show electric toothbrushes are 21% more effective than manual toothbrushes (Pubmed). On the other hand, sonic technology provides statistically greater plaque reduction than manual toothbrushes: 20% less plaque and reduced gingivitis by 10%) (Sources: Pubmed , Philips).
Finally, sonic toothbrushes simplify the very complex gesture to be performed, for example on the molars or on the lingual surfaces.

Sonic toothbrush versus oscillating-rotating toothbrush, gum damage

Oscillating-rotating toothbrushes are electric toothbrushes whose head is round and rotates on itself thanks to their handle.
This technology is older and less innovative than sonic technology. Regarding the battery, they have an autonomy of about a week against several weeks or months of autonomy for sonic toothbrushes.
Sonic toothbrushes are proven (clinical test) to reduce plaque more than oscillating-rotating toothbrushes. On the other hand, gum inflammation is reduced much more with sonic technology than oscillating-rotating technology (31.9% sonic VS 18.1% oscillating-rotating) (Pubmed) Other studies show that sonic technology removes up to 20% more dental plaque compared to oscillating-rotating and protects the gums without damaging them; 30-day gingival index has been proven to be almost 2x better compared to an oscillating-rotating toothbrush (Pubmed).

Sonic toothbrush Y-Brush versus classic brushing

The Y-Brush sonic toothbrush is a sonic electric toothbrush capable of brushing all sides of all teeth at the same time, independently in just 10 seconds . It is composed of a handle generating sonic vibrations and a Y-shaped brush head, very flexible to adapt to different jaw shapes and lined with flexible nylon bristles.

in vitro tests demonstrate near-perfect plaque removal.
Independent clinical tests demonstrate the equivalence between sonic Y-Brush technology (10 sec) and a good 2-min brushing (2 minutes, perfect gesture), i.e. a better effectiveness compared to a classic brushing (45-50 seconds, “lambda” gesture) (Sources: IPSOS oral survey 2012 / clinical study carried out by an independent organization in 2021).


Y-Brush sonic electric toothbrushes made in France seek to improve the oral hygiene of the 90% of the population who do not spend at least 2 minutes brushing twice a day (both children and adults), simplifying the right gesture and automating brushing thanks to the 35,000 filaments.
With this technology, brushing your teeth is no longer a chore. The use is greatly simplified and the experience very pleasant. Choose your size (child: 4 to 12 years old, otherwise adult), place a line of Toothpaste with the toothpaste applicator, brush for a few seconds, run your tongue over your teeth and enjoy the efficiency!

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