Why are our teeth sensitive to pain ?

Pourquoi nos dents sont sensibles à la douleur ?

You have probably already suffered from a toothache in your life, so you know that it can cause unbearable pain. This is because teeth are not considered as organs but as tools, which only feel pain. The tooth is made up of 3 layers, the pain is only felt at the level of a single layer: the pulp. Dental pain is considered as a mechanism.

You can surely ask yourself why these so useful and practical "tools" of the human body feel pain. Dental pain is a process resulting from a defence system that is designed to protect the tooth. It is a kind of warning signal.

It is sometimes simple to identify the cause of dental pain by yourself, for example, following a shock or contact with food that is too hot or too cold. But sometimes the exact interpretation of pain can only be done by a dentist.

Whether it is because of the temperature of a food, or if it is a tooth that is worn in a certain place, the pain will cause you to not use that tooth to try to protect it as well as possible. So it is a protective mechanism.

If the tooth did not signal "danger" with pain, there would be a good chance that you would continue to use it normally. However, in adult humans, the loss of a tooth must necessarily be limited, because it is irreversible! We are not as lucky as sharks and alligators in which they regenerate!

The tooth is composed of 3 layers; hard white enamel, dentine and pulp. The enamel is the outermost layer, it is insensitive to pain because it is not alive. The dentine (intermediate layer), contains fluids. The pulp is the part of the tooth that is full of nerves and blood vessels, it is from it that most of the pain comes from.

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