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Type of Brushing Technology :

Oscillating-Rotating: These brushes feature small round heads that oscillate and rotate to remove plaque. Studies have shown that this technology can be effective in reducing plaque and gingivitis.
Sonic: These brushes use vibratory technology to move the brush head at high frequency, potentially offering more extensive cleaning. This is the technology used by Y-Brush.

Head size and shape:

Think about which shape (round, oval or Y-shaped) would suit you best, and which size is right for your mouth.

Battery life:

If you travel a lot, or don't want to recharge frequently, battery life can be a critical factor. Y-Brush toothbrushes have a 4-month battery life !

Pressure sensors:

Some electric brushes feature sensors that alert you if you brush too hard.

Timers and Quadrant Signal:

Many electric brushes have a 2-minute timer (the recommended brushing time) and can also signal every 30 seconds to remind you to move on to another quadrant of your mouth. The Y-Brush automatic toothbrush is much faster, providing a complete brush in less than 30 seconds!

Customizable modes:

Some brushes offer different modes, such as sensitive, whitening or gum care.


Electric brush prices vary considerably. A made-in-France toothbrush like the Y-Brush will be proof of quality and therefore potentially more expensive.

Replacement brush heads:

Consider the cost and availability of replacement heads. We recommend replacing them every 2-3 months for a classic toothbrush, 6 months for a Y-shaped toothbrush like Y-Brush.

Reviews and recommendations:

Consult online reviews to get an idea of the different models.


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