Bucco-dental refill pack

Bucco-dental refill pack

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This pack contains :
✔️1 Tube of organic fluoride toothpaste
✔️1 Pack of 30 pieces of dental floss with handle
✔️1 Doypack of 120 chewable fluoride toothpaste tablets

Impeccable Dental Hygiene

This oral refill pack contains the perfect essentials to keep your breath fresh all day long.
🛡️ Protects your gums and teeth effectively
🌍 Natural product

Toothpaste tube

With its fluoride content of 1450 ppm, this toothpaste made in France effectively strengthens the dental enamel fighting against the formation of cavities, fighting plaque and acting against bacteria.
🛡️ Protects fragile gums
🧼 Transparent and fluid paste, easily washable
🌿 100% natural mint aroma for a guaranteed freshness effect

Chewable toothpaste

This innovative 100% natural chewable toothpaste with mint and fluoride, made in France, contains the equivalent of 2 months of brushing. It prevents the formation of dental plaque and cavities as well as the appearance of stains.
🛡️ Protects sensitive gums
♻️ Recyclable plastic packaging
✈️ Easily transportable

Dental floss with handle

It fits effectively between each tooth to remove maximum plaque and keep breath fresh. Its flexible floss is ultra-resistant and will not break during use.
🌍 Handle made of plant-based and bio-based plastic
🦷 Integrated toothpick
😀 Does not irritate the gums


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