Automatic toothbrush: Why choose it?

Brosse à dent automatique : Pourquoi la choisir ? - Y-Brush

For better oral hygiene with less brushing time and much better results, discover the automatic toothbrush. The rechargeable sonic brush is perfect for daily brushing, for both adult and children's teeth. When brushing with a Philips Sonicare automatic toothbrush, there's no need to scrub too hard or risk damaging your gums: its many modes, handle, heads adapted to your teeth and integrated pressure sensor have been perfectly designed to save you many seconds on your brushing time but also to eliminate food residues. Say goodbye to the back and forth movement of a manual hard brush and hello to innovation in dental hygiene technology!

Oral health: Brushing differently with the automatic toothbrush

The automatic toothbrush is an ergonomic and functional device that is perfect for dental plaque removal. This toothbrush has a battery, a brush head and a number of modes and options, including cleaning mode and smart timer mode. The sonic toothbrush with its movements per minute is the future of oral hygiene.

Does manual toothbrushing take up too much of your time or your mind? Opt instead for sonic electric toothbrushes with minute rotations: The results are better, you'll see! The automatic connected toothbrush will greatly change your brushing habits. With modes, options and technology such as integrated Bluetooth, this cleaning brush will make you completely forget about using toothbrushes and interdental brushes manually.

You can choose the Y Brush toothbrush which has 45% angled bristles on the sides which allows you to brush your teeth without damaging the gums and gum line. In addition, the filaments have a good inclination which allows a perfect automation of the gesture.

Using sonic technology for effective brushing and a good grip

How do you brush against plaque for a clean feeling? For a thorough cleaning of teeth and gums, use the automatic toothbrush. Brushing your teeth with a manual brush with soft bristles is not optimal for reaching hard-to-reach areas. To brush your teeth well, the cleaning action must be as effective as a strong jet of mouthwash. With new generation connected toothbrushes that have a battery, many options including a timer that calculates brushing seconds and features such as a brush, handle and heads, your brushing will be much more effective and you will no longer have trouble reaching difficult areas.

Using an automatic toothbrush for whiter teeth

Cleaning your teeth with a battery-operated automatic toothbrush is nothing like using the electric toothbrushes you normally use or the manual brushes. Using premium automatic toothbrushes to clean your teeth will save you frequent visits to the dentist, give you a perfect toothbrush in seconds and give you whiter teeth without bleeding. This type of brush with floss action takes care of the gums and your entire oral cavity with a special brush. The vibrations are gentle and allow the toothpaste to foam up, without touching the sensitive gums and reaching the interdental spaces more easily. The automatic toothbrush is without doubt the best electric toothbrush.  

There are many electric toothbrushes on the market today. In different colours : White, pink, simple or premium models that are suitable for children or adults. Each product is very different from the other. Some toothbrushes have a large autonomy thanks to electric sensors, others are specific and adapted to precise needs like the oscillo-rotating toothbrushes. This is why it is important not to make the wrong choice. To avoid this risk, the price can be an important criterion in the final decision, but it is also advisable to look at the reviews. It is also possible to test products before buying them. Some models can be sold on the internet where delivery can be free. It can be interesting to make a comparison of different products offered on specialized sites in order to find the best quality/price ratio toothbrush. However, it is not advisable to buy toothbrushes without first checking the reviews to avoid any health risks. 


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