How to impress your friends at parties...with your tongue

Comment impressionner ses amis en soirée...grâce à votre langue ! - Y-Brush

The tongue, this organ that participates in the proper functioning of chewing, has an important role since food comes into direct contact with it. Indeed, it is the tongue that tells you whether the food you are eating is bitter, acidic, sweet or salty. Made up of 17 muscles, it measures an average of 9 centimeters. If at first glance, the tongue seems to be an organ that has only this function, for some people it is a source of amusement.

In fact, some people manage to perform feats with their tongue. We let you discover these incredible abilities!

Touch your nose with your tongue

Yes, you read correctly. Only 10% of the population can touch their nose with their tongue. If you've never tested it, do it! But wait until you're alone because doing it in public is risking having the eyes of passers-by glued to you... Although, with the mask, you are rather well hidden. And if you don't have a mask, remember: looking a fool never killed anyone.

Touch your chin with your tongue

Complicated, are you going to tell us? Well, yes, you're absolutely right. Unless you have the tongue of a chameleon, this exercise is reserved for the most daring and the smartest among you. If you have a small tongue, forget it!

Form a tube with your tongue

This is probably the most complicated exercise, bending the edges of your tongue. We let you go and see a tutorial on the internet because it's too difficult for us to explain it to you... You will certainly have understood we do not have this talent at Y-Brush.

Touching your elbow with your tongue

This is the challenge that any group of friends throws themselves. Trying to touch their elbow with their tongue. Many succeed without having years of gymnastics on the clock because here, the key word is flexibility.

Make a cloverleaf with your tongue

If you can't find a four-leaf clover in your garden, why not try it with your tongue. The exercise is perilous. But with a little practice and (a lot of) patience, we'll explain a few steps. This has to be the most difficult exercise you will ever do.

  1. Frown,

  2. Roll the edges of your tongue,

  3. Bump the middle of your tongue once,

  4. Insert the tip of your tongue,

  5. Use your fingers to memorize the position of the muscles.

  6. Is luck on your side?


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