Why do our teeth turn yellow and not red or green?

Pourquoi nos dents deviennent-elles jaunes ? et pas rouges ou vertes ?

Dad, mom, why are my teeth turning yellow? If you have not been able to answer this question, we give you the keys of understanding here!

Red, blue, green or gold, what color would you like to have on your teeth? Imagine if our teeth were golden, our selfies would be much more appreciated on social networks!

Fortunately among the colors of the rainbow, it is the yellow colour that has been drawn to color your teeth over the years.

Why this color, where does it come from, we tell you everything!

Did you know that this color came from the dentin? It is a layer under the tooth, located under the enamel. This layer is yellow in color. The colors of the enamel can sometimes vary since there are no less than 29 shades of yellow. The color of your teeth is surely different from the one of your neighbor. So, tell yourself this is what makes you unique!

The first cause of this yellowing: genetic heritage

Yes, for some people, yellowing is transmitted from generation to generation.

Second cause: food hygiene

During our life, and according to our food hygiene, the enamel becomes thinner and less opaque, that's why your dentin will appear with its yellow color. Acidic foods will also attack the enamel, so if you want to whiten your teeth naturally with a little lemon, it is recommended to do it sparingly.

At the moment, a new fashion accessory has appeared in our closets: the mask

So yes, it hides your smile and your teeth, but that's no reason not to take care of your oral health.

It is quite possible to slow down the yellowing of your teeth thanks to different tricks:

It is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Problem? Three minutes is a long time. Very long when one is in front of his/her mirror. So we have the solution for you! The Y-Brush :) A simple and effective brushing in only 10 seconds.

Tea and coffee are drinks that easily stain teeth if abused. We know it's easier said than done but to slow down this yellowing, this consumption should not be excessive. Consumption of substances such as tobacco also easily turns your teeth yellow.

An appointment with your dentist should be made at least once a year. During this check-up, your dentist can perform a scaling. It will clean the surface of your teeth and it will help your teeth regain a brighter color.

We hope you will find your baby smile thanks to all these tips ;)

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