Why do our teeth turn yellow and not red or green?

Pourquoi nos dents deviennent-elles jaunes ? et pas rouges ou vertes ? - Y-Brush

Daddy, Mommy, why are my teeth turning yellow? Does it mean that they are in good or bad health? If you don't know the answer to this question, we give you the keys in this article!
Red, blue, green or gold, what color would you like to have on your teeth? Imagine if our teeth were golden, our selfies would be much more appreciated on social networks! Fortunately, among the colors of the rainbow, it is the yellow, rather discreet, which was drawn to color your teeth over the years. Why this color and where does it come from? We tell you everything!
You should know that this color comes from the dentin, a layer under the tooth, located under the enamel. This one is of yellow color. The colors of the enamel can sometimes vary since there are no less than 29 shades of yellow. The color of your teeth is surely different from the one of your neighbor. So tell yourself that this is what makes you unique!

Here is a guide to help you understand why your teeth become yellow.

What is tooth yellowing ?

Yellowing of the teeth is external. It is very often due to the presence of colored molecules and the formation of dental tartar which are deposited on the teeth and which give them a more yellow tint in the long run. It can also come from the internal staining of the tooth, naturally yellow. It appears when the enamel thins. Not only is the enamel white, but it is the protective layer of the dentin.

The different causes of yellowing of the teeth

There are different causes of yellowing teeth. Indeed, depending on your personal profile, you do not have yellow teeth for the same reasons.

Here are the different causes of yellowing of the teeth:

A first cause of yellowing: genetic heritage

The individual has teeth that turn yellow because of his genetic heritage and his ethnic origins. The thickness, the transparency, the color of the teeth and its evolution with the age are thus predestined. The yellow coloration is therefore intrinsic to the tooth and it is difficult to reduce it.

The second cause: food hygiene or diet

Depending on our diet, the enamel becomes thinner and less opaque. This is why dentin, and therefore the yellow color of your teeth, appears with age. Acidic foods will attack the enamel and this is why lemon is effective in whitening teeth naturally.

The third cause is: smoking

This is the main factor of yellowing teeth because the tar contained in cigarettes causes yellow staining. Moreover, nicotine attacks the enamel of the teeth. Moreover, tobacco contributes to the development of dental tartar which is particularly harmful for the enamel.

The different tips to slow down the yellowing of the teeth

The tips to slow down the yellowing of teeth are tips that allow you to destroy all the bacteria responsible for the yellowing of teeth and therefore to clean your mouth.

Here are the different tips to slow down the yellowing of the teeth:

  • It is essential to brush your teeth at least twice a day with a suitable toothpaste. The problem? Three minutes is a long time... very long time when you are in front of your mirror. So we have the solution for you! The Y-Brush :) A simple and effective brushing in 10 seconds.
  • Tea and coffee are drinks that easily stain teeth if abused, so we know it's easier said than done but to slow down this yellowing, this consumption should not be excessive. The absorption of substances such as tobacco will also yellow your teeth very easily.
  • An appointment at the dentist is to be made at least once a year. During this check-up, your dentist can perform a scaling, which will clean the surface of your teeth and they will regain a brighter color.

The different treatments to whiten your teeth

If your teeth are yellow and the factors identified are treatable, your dentist can offer you a teeth whitening treatment using custom-made trays.

Here are the different treatments to whiten your teeth: 

  • The outpatient technique: the dentist will make an impression in order to design a custom-made tray. He will give you syringes containing a whitening product and will explain to you how to apply it on the tray.
  • The mixed technique: This is a teeth whitening technique that combines an in-office phase and an outpatient phase with the trays. The ambulatory phase is less aggressive than the other. The active products are hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.
  • The chair-side technique: The dental surgeon generally plans a one-hour session. He or she will apply a lightening gel to your tooth with very high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, after protecting the gums with what is called a chemical dam.
  • Tooth scaling: Scaling removes stains on the enamel and discoloration caused by tea, certain colored foods and beverages, and tobacco, and removes dental tartar. It is done every 6 months to 1 year at the dentist. The practitioner most often uses an ultrasound device.
  • Dental veneers: These are small shells that cover the surface of your teeth. They are used when tooth whitening is not enough and the color of the teeth is not uniform or to camouflage gray teeth. 

    We hope this guide has helped you understand what tooth yellowing is. We hope that you have understood what causes yellowing of your teeth according to your oral profile. The different tips are important to follow. In addition, the different treatments will always be adapted to whiten your teeth.

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