How to take care of your teeth ?

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Brushing your teeth is essential to prevent tooth decay, tartar and keep your teeth healthy. It is therefore important to adopt good brushing habits but also to preserve your teeth. This means taking care of them by paying attention to your diet.  

Here is a guide that will help you understand what poorly brushed teeth are and what you should do to take care of your teeth. 

What is poorly brushed teeth ?

Brushing your teeth is a daily routine that helps you maintain good oral hygiene to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, you need to know what poorly brushed teeth are so you can do something about them. There are a number of brushing mistakes that we all make that result in poor oral hygiene.

Here are the main errors of brushing the teeth :

  • Brushing the wrong way: You are brushing in a way that is not a rolling motion.
  • Brushing your teeth and gums too hard: You make your gums bleed because you press too hard when brushing.
  • Improper use of your mouth: You open your mouth too wide, which prevents optimal brushing from the gums to the teeth.
  • Brushing your teeth too quickly: You don't use an electric toothbrush with a timer that ensures proper brushing.
  • Brushing your teeth too often: You brush your teeth more than 3 times a day, which weakens the enamel of your teeth.

The Nylon toothbrush VS the Silicone toothbrush

Nylon and silicone are two materials with totally different properties. Nylon is a synthetic material. It degrades only under extreme and particular conditions of temperature. On the other hand, silicone is not biodegradable. Indeed, it has harmful effects on the environment. 

The manual or electric toothbrush in Nylon

The bamboo toothbrush is a toothbrush with a bamboo wood handle and nylon bristles on its head. Nylon is a synthetic fiber combined with other natural fiber bristles made from castor oil from a tropical plant. It is a fiber that can be recycled, which is why it is considered an eco-responsible material. Brushing teeth and gums with a bamboo toothbrush is just as effective as brushing with a conventional toothbrush. The electric sonic toothbrush is a toothbrush with nylon filaments that are more efficient than silicone in the sense that it offers a real brushing sensation. It is thus quite different from silicone which offers more a feeling of massage of the teeth. These toothbrushes are mostly with soft and fine bristles that brush from everywhere, even under the wire of braces such as retainers or braces. So you don't have to worry about brushing all over the place because the bristles are all over the brush and at the right angle.

The manual or electric toothbrush in Silicone

The manual or electric toothbrush is equipped with silicone "teeth". It erases surface stains caused by tea or coffee consumption. As for the implantation of the bristles or even the more or less triangular shape of the toothbrush, the difference is minimal. You should know that the longer the bristles of silicone toothbrushes are, the better they will be able to find the plaque in the bottom of the mouth. Also, it is important to avoid cheap travel toothbrushes because the bristles are cut instead of polished. There is therefore a high risk that it will damage your gums.

Nylon is much more efficient than silicone when it comes to brushing. For example, you can test the Y-Brush Nylon toothbrush. This noble material is much more efficient than silicone because it offers a real brushing sensation contrary to the massage sensation provided by silicone.

The effects of chewing gum on teeth

New studies have shown that it is no longer mandatory to brush your teeth 3 times a day. Indeed, dental plaque takes at least 12 hours to form. This justifies very well that brushing at lunchtime is not essential and that you can chew gum to replace brushing. Chewing gum after a meal is not a substitute for brushing your teeth properly. However, it can have a positive effect on cavities. In addition, chewing gum stimulates saliva production. This is important in the sense that it plays an essential role in oral hygiene. Chewing gum not only freshens the breath, but it is also a simple and practical way to keep your mouth healthy when you can't brush your teeth.

Foods that are not good for your teeth

There are some foods that cause plaque to form on the teeth and therefore cause tooth decay. These are foods or drinks that should be avoided to keep your teeth healthy and maintain good oral hygiene.

Here are foods that are not recommended for your teeth :

Refined carbohydrates

Some foods such as cookies, bread and pasta contain processed white flour. The main ingredient: starch turns into simple sugars that feed the bacteria in your mouth.

Soft drinks

These drinks are too high in sugar. In addition, they contain phosphoric and citric acids, which can cause cavities. Limiting the consumption of soft drinks will help avoid dental problems.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for tooth enamel and gums. It causes dehydration which slows down the production of saliva that should regulate the bacteria present in your mouth.

The worst foods for your teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly is essential for good teeth. But you must also take care of your diet. Some foods are more than just not recommended. It is important not to eat the following foods: 

Here are the worst foods for your teeth :

Sweets rich in sugar

It is important to try to avoid sweets. This is because the bacteria in your mouth use sugar to produce acids that attack your tooth enamel.

Citrus fruits

Lemons and grapefruit are acidic foods that can damage your teeth if consumed excessively. Therefore, you should eat them in moderation and rinse your mouth properly afterwards.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what not to do to take care of your teeth. We also hope you understand that chewing gum is used occasionally. Also, if you don't eat the stated foods, you have a great chance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy.


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