The different existing toothbrushes

Les différentes brosses à dents existantes - Y-Brush

The toothbrush is the tool par excellence to ensure healthy oral hygiene. By getting rid of food residues in the entire oral cavity, the electric, manual, sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush or orthodontic, allows to : 

- Prevent the formation of dental plaque and cavities,

- Prevent tooth decay,

- Eliminate foul breath,

- etc... 

    Its use is recommended from the age of 18 months provided that you choose a model with ultra soft bristles associated with fluoride-free toothpastes. You can visit to find the best toothbrush models and enjoy free shipping on your first order.

    The different types of toothbrushes

    First of all, there is the manual toothbrush which has been providing the French with healthy oral hygiene for over 300 years. Then there is the electric toothbrush that cleans sensitive teeth and baby teeth in a very gentle way and avoids hurting the gums. Some models are equipped with a timer and a pressure sensor to ensure a more precise and reassuring brushing.

    The electric toothbrush is available in several variations. There are, for example, sonic electric toothbrushes that remove food remains in the oral area thanks to the vibrations of the bristles. It is no longer necessary to make a rotating movement with the brush head as in the case of oscillating electric toothbrushes. There are also ultrasonic electric toothbrushes that can clean the most inaccessible interdental spaces while providing fresh breath. This type of brush generates ultrasounds to access the interdental spaces and make the oral cavity cleaner.

    In addition, today we notice the emergence of the connected toothbrush that is linked to a smartphone via a Bluetooth link. You can track the progress of dental health from a dedicated application. This toothbrush is mostly used in children or adults undergoing dental treatments. Finally, we meet the brushes intended for toddlers and often sold in sets of 3 pieces. For people with braces, there is the orthodontic brush.  

    How to brush your teeth?

    In order to have clean teeth when toothbrushing, it is necessary to have the good habit of brushing them regularly: twice a day for 2 minutes after each meal. For children, dentists recommend the use of an electric toothbrush, with soft nylon bristles, which gets rid of tartar and plaque with sonic technology. They also recommend that adults brush their teeth regularly with an electric or manual toothbrush with or without a bamboo handle.

    Both children and adults only need to make small back and forth movements for food residue to be removed effectively. With an electric brush, they no longer need to floss after brushing their teeth. This is not the case when using a manual brush. The integrated timer can be activated to respect the necessary brushing time. Moreover, the application of a good dosage of toothpaste (Elmex, Colgate, Inava...) on the toothbrush makes the dental care more effective.

    For effective brushing, you should:

    Clean the lower teeth independently of the upper teeth,
    Brush the external part, the internal part as well as the chewing surfaces,
    Start brushing from the gum line and work your way down to your teeth in a circular motion,
    Hold electric or manual brushes perpendicular to the surface being cleaned.

    The best toothbrush brands

    Y-Brush and its exclusive Y shape and sonic vibration technology coupled with its 35,000 nylon bristles, Oral-b; Gum; Philips; Inava; Colgate brush; Sunstar; Sensodyne brush; Signal brush are among the toothbrush brands most recommended by dentists. They prescribe, for example, Inava Sensitivity toothbrush to people with sensitive gums. They also recommend the Gum orthodontic brush to those with braces or sensitive teeth.

    Buying a toothbrush: how to get a discount on Amazon?

    At Amazon, the toothbrush is included in the "hygiene and beauty" category. It is eligible for the "Plan and Save" program, which allows you to benefit from free scheduled delivery. To take advantage of it, you must subscribe to the "Plan and Save" program and buy 5 toothbrush items to be delivered to the same address.


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