The chewing motion allows you to brush each tooth over its entire height as well as the gums. The rotating movement allows you to brush the last molars at the back of the jaw. For optimal brushing efficiency, it is very important to respect these two movements.

Don't worry, this is absolutely normal. Like any change of habit, it takes time. If you follow our procedure and our support programme, it will take 1 to 2 weeks to get used to the new brushing sensation.

When you chew too hard, the filaments (usually the ones at the back, towards the molars) are put under more stress and therefore get damaged more quickly. Chew less hard, but still as quickly and the filaments will be damaged at a more "normal" rate. Remember, our brushes guarantee brushing efficiency for up to 6 months. After that, think about changing your brush.

Slight bleeding may occur in the first few days, which is a good sign!

No toothbrush replaces dental floss or interdental brushes. Y-Brush was designed to replace the toothbrush, so you should continue to use these very important accessories, and visit the dentist regularly.

Our automated brushing technology is based on a simple observation: a standard toothbrush head can only brush one area of the tooth at a time, which means that brushing your teeth takes time. Since Y-Brush brushes all your teeth simultaneously, the brushing process takes only a few seconds or ten seconds and is more efficient than the average brushing.

The Y-Brush technology is totally different from all the fast toothbrushes you will find on the market, which use large silicone pimples. Our technology is the only brush in the world that uses very fine nylon filaments, which are very efficient.

All independent research shows that silicone is not effective against plaque because it is too soft. In addition, the pimples used are much too large to fit between the teeth.

Our brush also covers only one arch at a time, which is much more comfortable and will not cause any gag reflex.

The brush is single-sided to ensure your comfort. Our tests revealed that a double-sided brush is too cumbersome and complicated to place in the mouth, and can cause nausea reflexes. We've made sure that speeding up your brushing routine is always a comfortable experience.

First, the brush is very soft and flexible, which allows it to follow the shape of the teeth. Secondly, we have 2 sizes of brush: 1 for children from 4 years old and one for teenagers and adults from 12 years old.

Very easy! One size child between 4 and 12 years old, one size adult otherwise.

Yes, Y-Brush is an excellent choice for children from 4 years old, especially when they are reluctant to brush their teeth. With Y-Brush, it's fun and playful!

Currently, the handle color we offer is the Y-Brush signature green. Other color options will be available soon!

With Y-Brush, you can use your favorite toothpaste, regardless of the brand or consistency. For ease of use, we recommend our adult or child applicator which allows you to use the optimal amount of toothpaste without waste.

A storage stand is provided in some of our packs to hold the brushes when not in use. You can also buy this stand individually. If you don't want to use a storage stand, you can place your brush on the rim of a glass.

Simply rinse your brush after each use as you would your regular toothbrush You can stretch the brush slightly to rinse between the bristles if necessary. To keep your brush free of bacteria and clean all the time, you can also soak it in mouthwash. You just need to have at hand:- 1 cup- 2/3 water- 1/3 mouthwash Leave to soak overnight. You can do this once or twice a week, or whenever you find it difficult to remove the toothpaste still on it.

The filaments are as soft as a soft toothbrush. This way, they remain comfortable for your teeth and gums.

The brush should be replaced every 6 months.

The Y-Brush handle can be charged with the USB charger included in your pack.

Once charged (overnight), the battery lasts 3 months.

It takes 8 hours to fully charge the battery.

No, because only soft brushes are recommended today. Therefore, the brushes we manufacture are only of this hardness. The medium and hard brushes are even dangerous for the gums.

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