Firstly, the brush is very soft and flexible, allowing it to conform to the shape of your jaw.
Secondly, we have 2 brush sizes: one size (S) for children aged 4 and older AND for individuals with a small jaw (women without wisdom teeth), and another size (M) for teenagers and adults aged 12 and older.

It's quite simple. A standard 2-minute brushing means you spend between 2 to 4 seconds (depending on the number of teeth) on each of your teeth.
Thanks to its U-shaped design, Y-Brush brushes all the teeth of one jaw at the same time.
This is how time can be saved. It is even more effective because Y-Brush does not neglect any surface, unlike manual brushing where we tend to miss certain areas.
Learn more about Y-Brush efficiency.

The brush is single-sided to ensure your comfort.
Indeed, our trials have shown that a double-sided brush is too bulky and difficult to place in the mouth, and can cause nausea.
We have ensured that speeding up your brushing routine is always a comfortable experience.

Chewing allows brushing each tooth along its entire height as well as the gums.
The rotating movement allows, in turn, to brush the last molars at the back of the jaw.
For optimal brushing efficiency, it is therefore very important to adhere to these two movements.

No toothbrush can replace dental floss or interdental brushes.
Y-Brush was designed to replace the traditional toothbrush, so you will still need to use these very important accessories and visit the dentist regularly.

Y-Brush technology is completely different from all the fast toothbrushes you will find on the market, which use large silicone bristles. Our technology is the only brush in the world that uses very fine nylon filaments, which are very effective.

All independent research shows that silicone has no effectiveness against dental plaque because this material is too soft. Moreover, the bristles used are much too wide to pass between the teeth.

Our brush also covers only one dental arch at a time, which is much more comfortable and will not cause any nausea reflex.

Very easy! Size S is recommended for children aged 4 to 12 AND adults with small jaws (women without wisdom teeth) and size M is recommended for most adults AND children over 12.

Yes, Y-Brush is an excellent choice for children aged 4 and over, especially when they're reluctant to brush their teeth. Y-Brush is fun and playful!

Currently, the handle color we offer is Y-Brush's signature green.
Other color options will be available soon!

Any type of toothpaste can be used in practice.
However, we recommend using a not too thick toothpaste (gel type) to avoid too much post-brushing cleaning.
Know that we have developed our own organic toothpaste in a tube; it has the texture and color (transparent) adapted for optimal use of Y-Brush.
You can also try our chewable toothpaste; a pretty cool product that can be carried anywhere without constraints.

A storage stand is provided in some of our packs to hold the brushes when not in use.
You can also purchase this stand individually.
If you do not wish to have this, you can place your brush on the edge of a glass.

Simply rinse your brush after each use as you would with your regular toothbrush. You can gently stretch the brush to rinse between the bristles if necessary.
To preserve your brush from bacteria and keep it clean all the time, you can also soak it in mouthwash; you just need to have at hand: - 1 cup - 2/3 water - 1/3 mouthwash Let it soak overnight. You can do this 1 to 2 times a week, or whenever it seems difficult to remove the remaining toothpaste.

The filaments are as soft as a soft toothbrush.
This way, they remain comfortable for your teeth and gums.

The brush should be replaced every 6 months.

The Y-Brush handle can be recharged with the USB charger (micro B type) provided in your pack.
Once charged (8h for a full charge), the battery lasts for 3 months.

Y-Brush is still a young company that released the first version of its product more than 2 years ago.
At this stage of the business and considering the Made in France manufacturing, our products are still expensive, and we are aware that this can be a barrier.
We hope to lower our prices by the end of 2022.

The product was created in collaboration with dentists. It took 2 years of research to be able to market the first version of the product.
We are currently working with several dentists in France. They recommend us to their patients based on the issues they may encounter (cavities, dental hygiene, etc.).

No, because only soft brushes are recommended today.
That's why the brushes we make are only this hard.
Medium and hard brushes are even dangerous for the gums.

Slight bleeding may occur in the first few days. This is not serious, in fact it's a good sign!

When you chew too hard, the filaments (usually those at the back, towards the molars) are more stressed and therefore wear out more quickly.
So, chew less hard, but still as quickly, and the filaments will wear out at a more "normal" rate.
Remember, our brushes guarantee brushing efficiency for up to a maximum of 6 months. Beyond that, consider changing your brush.

It's normal. You may have noticed that the toothpaste only spreads in the brush head. This will require some adaptation time.
If this is really important to you, we recommend trying our chewable toothpaste. By chewing it before brushing, you will have an even distribution of toothpaste throughout your mouth.

It is highly recommended to use it to facilitate the distribution of toothpaste on your brush. This also allows using the optimal amount of toothpaste without wasting.
If you don't have it, don't worry, we recommend putting 3 small dabs on your brush: on the left, in the middle, and on the right. Otherwise, put a dab on your finger and spread the toothpaste on your teeth directly.

Y-Brush offers you a different technology: sonic technology.
Sonic technology is less aggressive than oscillating-rotating technology.
Y-Brush has several modes of sonic vibrations: gentle, normal, or intensive, which you can choose based on your dental sensitivity or brushing needs.
Furthermore, thanks to its shape, Y-Brush brushes all surfaces of your teeth without you having to worry about it.

The shape of Y-Brush might lead you to believe this, but it's not the case. It's just a simple electric toothbrush.

It all depends on what your dentist recommends.
Y-Brush can be used when you can use an electric toothbrush.

Of course! There are no contraindications to using Y-Brush.
If you can use an electric toothbrush, then you can use Y-Brush.

Yes, of course. The sonic technology and soft nylon bristles of Y-Brush are perfectly suitable.
Feel free to seek advice from your dentist on the recommended use (or not) of an electric toothbrush.

No doubt about the effectiveness of Y-Brush in such cases. The arrangement and flexibility of the bristles will allow for thorough brushing.
The brush will just wear out more easily, so feel free to change the brush more often in such cases.

Thanks to sonic technology and 35,000 nylon filaments, Y-Brush is highly effective against plaque.

Y-Brush is not an ultrasonic toothbrush. The technology used is purely sonic (20,000 vibrations/minute).


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