Does the mouthwash have any side effects?

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Mouthwash is a good complement to tooth brushing. It generally acts throughout the mouth and even in hard-to-reach areas. Its objective is to reduce the bacteria that are present in the oral cavity. Could this widely used product with its multiple benefits have side effects? Find out more here.   

Here is a guide to help you understand if mouthwash has side effects or not.

What is a mouthwash?

A mouthwash is an antiseptic liquid that you need to keep in your mouth long enough to disinfect your entire oral cavity. It is sold as a pure or diluted product. It is said to have antiseptic and anti-infection functions when prescribed after surgery or to prevent cavities. It is a medicated solution when used to freshen your breath.

How to make a mouthwash?

Mouthwash should be used after brushing your teeth. To feel its effectiveness, you must rinse your mouth with 20 milliliters of measurable solution. This can be done with a measuring cap for 30 seconds. To give time to the product to act, it is necessary to keep your mouth closed. You will have to spit out the liquid. You do not have to rinse your mouth after a mouthwash. This action even allows the product to act for a long time. To increase the effectiveness of the mouthwash, you must follow the rules of use written on the bottle.

When to use a mouthwash?

There are different types of mouthwash that you can use after brushing your teeth. They are recommended for people with particular gum or tooth problems. They are only really useful when the risk of cavities or gingivitis increases. You can do it in case of imperfect brushing, taking certain medications, wearing braces or bad eating habits.

The use of a mouthwash allows you to access areas not accessible to the toothbrush and brushes. Mouthwash can also be used by people with oral malodour. It is not recommended to use a mouthwash that is supposed to help with the whiteness of the teeth.

Before using a mouthwash, it is important to brush your teeth with an effective toothbrush. You must first brush your teeth with a toothbrush that allows you to brush all the teeth and their faces at the same time. You can for example use the Y-Brush

What are the different mouthwash formulas?

Several mouthwash formulas are made to treat a specific problem.

Antiseptic formulas for the treatment of infections

Active ingredients such as chlorhexidine and hexetidine, which are highly dosed against germs, are found in antiseptic mouthwashes. They treat inflammation of the oral mucosa and infections. They are also recommended by the dentist after dental surgery to prevent the development of bad germs.

It helps to relieve swelling of the gums and soothe pain if there are abscesses. It should be combined with an oral antibiotic treatment for a complete healing of the infection. To avoid disturbing the balance of the oral flora, do not use the treatment for more than two weeks without medical advice.

Protective formulas against tooth decay

These mouthwashes allow the reinforcement of the enamel of the teeth and make them resistant to the acids. They are mainly for people exposed to cavities. Teenagers with braces who cannot brush well can use it. These mouthwashes are used as a preventive measure and not to cure a cavity. You should use it after every meal.

Special formulas for bleeding gums

The active ingredients contained in this product allow the reduction of dental plaque and the toning of the gums. You will find not very dosed antiseptics, anti-inflammatories and fluorine. They are ideal for the people having bleeding of gums during brushing. After fifteen days, it allows the reduction of bleeding and improves the aspect of the gums.

Purifying formulas against bad breath

This formula contains natural disinfectants and especially essential oils. You can use it when you have a bad breath problem or want to increase the benefits of brushing. You can also use them to keep your gums healthy. They automatically refresh and the effect is maintained for a few hours.

Anti-aphthalmic formulas

This is a new mouthwash formula that contains a healing activator. It is used in the presence and especially when there are multiple ulcerations. Its use for prevention is also a good option. This mouthwash provides fast relief and accelerates healing.

Chlorhedixidine mouthwash may have health side effects

Designed to maintain good oral health, chlorhexidine mouthwashes help fight bacteria. They specifically address the bacteria that cause gum disease, bad breath and cavities. Nevertheless, using a mouthwash twice a day for a week could have effects on your teeth. It can cause a huge loss of diversity in the oral microbiome.

Acidification of saliva that can lead to demineralization of the teeth is an effect you can observe. In addition, chlorhexidine does not allow the bacteria to transform nitrates into nitrites. This affects the bioavailability of nitrite, which has a vasodilatory effect. However, these mouthwashes are useful, but should be used continuously and as a routine treatment. In addition, chlorhexidine will cause brown stains on the teeth because it binds to both hard and soft tissues of the teeth.

Prexidine mouthwashes also have these...

Prexidine mouthwashes cause brown discoloration of the tongue and teeth which is reversible when the treatment is stopped, especially in tea and coffee drinkers. They also generate a risk of sensitization to one of the components of the solution (parotitis, mucocutaneous irritation), requiring the treatment to be stopped, occasionally dysgeusia or burning sensation of the tongue at the beginning of the treatment. They also occasionally cause desquamation of the oral mucosa. In case of overdose, they lead to neurological accidents in children and elderly people in case of accidental oral ingestion.

The most recommended mouthwashes

Gandusha mouthwash

It is a mouthwash sold at the price of 39 euros on the website Homemie. It contains organic coconut oil and organic sesame which eliminate bacteria to allow you to have a healthy mouth. It also contains organic mint essential oil which has a soothing effect on inflamed gums.    

Coslys fresh mouthwash

It is a mouthwash which offers a complete protection and offers you an intense freshness thanks to its mint aroma. It generally acts where the brush does not go, and ensures a complete protection of teeth and gums.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what a mouthwash is. You now have all the keys in hand to know how and when to use mouthwash. It is important not to use the wrong mouthwash formula and to use the one that corresponds to your needs and your oral problem. Chlorhexidine mouthwashes used in high doses are dangerous for your oral cavity. However, if used properly, they are still recommended. The same is true for Prexidine mouthwash.          


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