When does my child need a toothbrush ?

À partir de quand mon enfant a t-il besoin d'une brosse à dents ? - Y-Brush

If you are here, it is because you are wondering at what age you can start buying a toothbrush for your child. Indeed, it is very important to get your child used to oral hygiene at a very young age. The ideal is to start as soon as possible to initiate your child to the use of an electric or manual toothbrush according to your preferences.

Here is a guide that will allow you to easily understand when you can choose a toothbrush for children and what its main features should be.

The age to buy a child's first toothbrush

The answer is pretty simple. It is particularly ideal to buy him his first toothbrush when he is in his imitation phase between 12 months and two years. In other words, from the appearance of his first baby tooth because it is at this time that these teeth become less sensitive. You can therefore stop using a wet compress to clean his teeth. However, if it appears around 6 months, you can always buy him a toothbrush at that age. The lower incisors are often the first to break through the gums. Also, it's important to note that brushing is done twice a day by you as a parent. Regular toothbrushing will help your child maintain good oral hygiene. It will also reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and the development of bacteria responsible for dental cavities. Indeed, children who have tooth decay at a very young age are more likely to develop it on their permanent teeth. The electric toothbrush chosen should be adapted to his age and he can easily hold it in his little hands.

The different characteristics of the first child toothbrush to take into account

Your child's first electric toothbrush should have a number of features to allow your child to take care of those teeth and gums when brushing. If the toothbrush is unsuitable, your child will be at risk of periodontitis, gingivitis or tooth decay

  • A small toothbrush: it will fit your child's jaw and sensitive teeth much better.
  • Particularly soft bristles: they will allow you to brush your child's teeth efficiently without damaging their dental enamel.
  • The power of the toothbrush: it should not be too strong to avoid causing pain to their teeth.
  • The power supply: You should opt for a rechargeable battery model on a stand connected to the mains because the toothbrush has a longer life.
  • The presence of a counter or timer: It emits a noise at the end of the two minutes of necessary brushing or 10 seconds if you use a sonic toothbrush like the Y-Brush.
  • The patterns and colors: they will make your child want to brush their teeth if they are well adapted to their desires and their taste.
  • The ergonomics of the handle: the handle must be perfectly ergonomic in order to facilitate the grip of the toothbrush by the child.
  • The presence of standards: the NF or CE standards guarantee the good quality of the electric toothbrush.   

You can thus choose to take for your child a sonic electric toothbrush such as the Y-Brush child toothbrush. It is a flexible brush that fits well in the mouth and adapts to the movement from right to left when brushing your teeth. 

The advantages of the electric toothbrush for children

  • Ease of use: Just turn on the toothbrush and swish it around in your mouth. This makes the electric toothbrush more appealing to children.
  • Access to hard-to-reach corners of your mouth: It makes it much easier for them to get to the back of their teeth, such as molars.
  • No more toothache: it prevents them from forcing too much on your teeth which usually causes dental pain and tooth loosening.
  • A wider handle: they have a much wider handle which is much easier to grip.
  • Environmentally friendly: they are less harmful to the environment because the brush heads are replaceable.
  • Toothbrushing all of your teeth: it allows them to apply as much pressure on all of your teeth, ensuring that your teeth are perfectly brushed.
  • Its effectiveness: it actively participates in improving the health of your teeth and gums.
  • The speed of brushing: it allows them to brush their teeth in less time than with a manual toothbrush.

We hope this guide has helped you understand when you should buy your child an electric toothbrush. We also hope that you have understood what the main features of the electric toothbrush you should choose should be. All of the benefits listed are those that characterize the ideal children's brush.


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