Gingival paste to fight gingivitis

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Gingivitis is a disease that affects many people. Usually caused by poor oral hygiene, it can be the result of certain habits, factors or predispositions. It can be detected and treated before it gets worse. There are also methods and devices to counteract it. Gingival paste is an oral product that allows you to effectively fight this disease. We tell you more in this article.   

Here is a guide to learn more about gingival paste to fight gingivitis and have good oral health.  

What is gingivitis ? 

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums due to bacteria that penetrate the bone of the tooth and damage it. It is the main cause of tooth loss in the elderly and in the majority of the population.

The causes of gingivitis

Bacteria are the main cause and they are found under the gums. They combine with mucus and food remains to form plaque. When brushing is not regular, the bacteria accumulate, the plaque hardens and becomes tartar. Only a dentist can remove it.

Some people are more at risk of developing gingivitis. Pregnancy, menopause, diabetes, smoking and poorly fitted dental crowns are all factors that can lead to gingivitis. In addition, there are vitamin C or B3 deficiencies and certain medications that weaken the teeth.

Manifestations of gingivitis

Even when bleeding, gingivitis is usually painless. However, your gums may become red and swollen. They may also become loose and move. When you brush, you may notice bleeding. Bleeding can also happen while you are sleeping or eating.

Detecting gingivitis

A doctor can detect the disease by the appearance of the gums. He or she can also take a sample by scraping the affected areas. An examination of the collars surrounding the teeth is also indicative of gingivitis. Gingivitis can be a precursor of another disease such as leukemia or diabetes.

Gingival paste against gingivitis

Preventing gingivitis is possible. It is necessary to adopt a strict and irreproachable oral hygiene. Teeth must be brushed systematically every day and at least twice. It is crucial to adopt a gingival toothpaste.

It is intended for people who have sensitive or painful gums. It strengthens the gums and ensures good dental hygiene. It gives freshness to your mouth and prevents dental plaque.

The gingival paste contains elements such as glycerine which serves to maintain water in the mucous membranes of the mouth. It allows them to resist cold and extreme conditions. To counteract dental demineralization, calcium carbonate is also present. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The silicon serves to restore the tone of the collagen fibers of the gingival mucosa. It thus offers you a perfect protection at the level of the teeth and the gums.

It is recommended to use this type of toothpaste in order to reduce pain and bleeding of gums. It is also important to brush your teeth after each meal and to check the condition of your gums at least once a year.

The different brands of gingival paste on the market

Arthrodont gingival paste

This gingival paste is a decongestant and analgesic medical toothpaste. It is particularly recommended to relieve pain due to certain gum diseases and prosthesis injuries.

Gingival paste Spécia

It is intended for the people suffering from problems of sensitivity of the gums or painful gums. It allows to fight these inconveniences by offering an optimal oral and dental hygiene.

The gingival paste Bio Ballot-Flurin

It has antibacterial properties of the black propolis bio reduces the effects of the gingival inflammation and makes it possible to decrease the rednesses and bleedings. It also cleans the interdental spaces.

The gingival paste Parodontax

It has a unique formula that is characterized by a high concentration of sodium bicarbonate to fight bacteria and neutralize acids. Its mild abrasives provide a non-aggressive polishing and cleaning action.

Gingivitis treatment

In addition to gingival toothpastes, there are solutions for making mouthwashes that are also effective. You will also need to pay attention to the alcohol content of your mouthwash to avoid burns.

To remove the plaque that causes gingivitis, you should prioritize electronic brushes that are more effective than manual brushes. Brushing your teeth regularly and properly prevents gingivitis.

In cases where tartar has already formed, you should consult a dentist. He has the right tools to get rid of it. Having your teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months is very important. Gingivitis can be treated by removing plaque and tartar alone.

Good oral hygiene, a strict and regular follow-up by a dentist are all measures that will protect you from gingivitis. He will give you the best advice to apply. Furthermore, brushing your teeth daily with a gingival paste, especially after meals, may seem trivial, but it is very effective.

All these elements together will allow you to avoid having periodontitis.

In order to make brushing your teeth particularly effective, you can brush your teeth with the Y-Brush toothbrush. It is a toothbrush which proposes several modes of sonic vibrations for which you can choose according to your dental sensitivity. 

We hope that this guide has helped you understand what gingivitis is and what causes it. Understanding the manifestations and how to detect it is essential. It is important to know under which conditions it is most important to buy a gingival paste and which different gingival pastes are available on the market. It is important to complement its use with a suitable treatment for gingivitis.  


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