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You may not know it, but dental plaque is one of the main factors responsible for periodontal disease. Plaque builds up on the teeth and along the gum line and eventually inflames and irritates the gums. If it is not removed by brushing and flossing, it will harden into tartar and increase the risk of developing periodontal disease and tooth decay. Furthermore, it is important to understand that periodontal disease can affect people of all ages. It is therefore particularly important to emphasize that oral hygiene should not be neglected, especially if you have children.

What is a descaling toothpaste?

Scaling toothpaste removes yellow plaque from the teeth. This property is usually indicated on the packaging, but ensuring that the product contains the most effective ingredients is even better for optimal effectiveness. The goal is to have a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. It can be organic or non-organic. However, organic is the most recommended.

For whom is the use of a descaling toothpaste recommended?

This toothpaste is recommended above all for all those people who tend to have a strong accumulation of dental tartar. Indeed, it is essential to prevent the excessive development of dental tartar, as it causes the gum disease called gingivitis. However, you must understand that this type does not eliminate the dental tartar already formed. It only helps to prevent plaque build-up on your teeth. Hardened plaque can simply be removed by your dentist during a scaling procedure.

The benefits of a scaling toothpaste

Scaling toothpaste is a scaling and whitening agent. It has many benefits for your teeth when it contains essential oils extracted from plants and natural preservatives. It will bring whiteness to your teeth. If it is without fluoride, it will be able to be swallowed without any danger.

Here are the various benefits of a descaling toothpaste:

  • It will allow to eliminate the deposits of tartar which are accumulated on your teeth.
  • It will clean, polish but also whiten your teeth.
  • It will allow to eliminate the bad breath.
  • It eliminates the film which colors the teeth without degrading the enamel.
  • It can be swallowed without danger and it is not toxic for the human (without fluoride).
  • It prevents the appearance of dental caries.
  • It remineralizes and strengthens the enamel of your teeth.

The ingredients of a descaling toothpaste

The paste of a toothpaste descaler is generally made up of ingredients that will help fight against the yellowish deposit that can form on your teeth. You must therefore remember to read the packaging and choose a product that contains one or more of these ingredients:

      • Sodium hexa metaphosphate: It will form a protective barrier on your teeth to prevent tartar from forming.
      • Potassium and sodium pyrophosphate: It acts as a dental tartar control agent. In fact, it will serve to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the saliva and prevent them from depositing on the teeth.
      • Soluble pyrophosphates: It will bind to calcium to slow down the growth of the crystal and concretely decrease tartar accumulation.
      • Zinc citrate: It eliminates bacteria from the oral area, tartar and protects the gums.
      • The gantrez: it is an ingredient of some toothpastes. The mechanism of action of this polyether is to bind calcium ions, which inhibits the mineralization of dental plaque.

      Additional properties to select

      The descaling toothpastes ensure a role of prevention and elimination of the dental plaque on the teeth. They can also display complementary properties that reinforce its action.

      Whitening properties

      A good decalcifying toothpaste must also offer whitening effects if you have particularly yellow teeth. It is therefore a toothpaste that is considered particularly effective if you smoke or often drink tea to have a brighter smile.

      Fluoride toothpaste

      It should also contain fluoride. This is a component that helps fight and prevent the formation of cavities. Regular brushing of the teeth with a toothpaste that contains fluoride is a way to prevent cavities. It is therefore important to select a toothpaste with a fluoride content of about 100 mg / 100 g to ensure a satisfactory result. The more fluoride the toothpaste contains, the better the effect.

      A good toothpaste descaler is effective with a good toothbrush

        1/ Effective brushing to prevent tartar

      Once you have an effective sonic toothbrush, you can brush with your toothpaste and sonic toothbrush to prevent tartar build-up. Indeed, it optimizes the cleaning in the interdental spaces and thus reduces tartar deposit. However, it is important to complement their use with dental floss and interdental brushes to clean your teeth between teeth.

      2) Baking soda and lemon for natural tartar removal

      You can brush your teeth in a much more intense way with baking soda. Brushing should be done once or twice a year. It must be very soft. That's why you only need to mix baking soda with a little water. This will allow you to make an effective and natural descaling. You can also brush with lemon. Its acidity will allow to eliminate the deposits of tartar. In order to prevent the appearance of dental plaque, it is possible to use essential oil of tea tree. Its antibacterial and antifungal virtues allow to sanitize your mouth and make your teeth whiter. You should use it as a mouthwash once or twice a week. Afterwards, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with clear water.

      3) Activated charcoal

      Charcoal toothpaste has a whitening action on the external coloration of your teeth. Indeed, it will allow to erase the surface stainings deposited on the surface of the enamel of your teeth.

      You can use the Y-Brush toothbrush with this type of toothpaste. It is a toothbrush that removes 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. To do so, it allows you to brush all the teeth and their faces at the same time.

      How do I use a scaling toothpaste?

      To get the best results with a scaling toothpaste, you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes and at least twice a day after meals. Then put your toothpaste on your toothbrush and hold it at a 45-degree angle to the gum line. You should then brush your teeth using gentle back and forth strokes. You should also remember to brush your tongue because the bacteria that cause plaque are also found on the tongue. It is important to brush your tongue to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. To help children meet the 2-minute brushing time requirement, you can use an hourglass or stopwatch. The more toothpaste you use, the more you will protect your oral health. However, it is important to remember to visit the dentist at least once a year for a scaling and check-up.

      We hope this guide has helped you understand what a scaling toothpaste is and who it is for. They have many benefits that you need to know about in order to enjoy their effects. The ingredients and the complementary properties that you have to choose are not negligible. It is most effective if you use it with a good toothbrush and know how to brush your teeth with it.   


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