How to moisturize your mouth?

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Having the sensation of dry mouth is something that happens to more than one person. It is simply dehydration inside the mouth. This leads to the production of a small amount of saliva and discomfort within the oral cavity. It is therefore necessary to hydrate as soon as possible. This way, you will regain a good feeling and a good oral balance. Find out how to moisturize your mouth.

Here is a guide that will help you know how to properly moisturize your mouth?

What causes dehydration of the mouth?

  Dehydration is a sensation that causes dry mouth. This occurs due to several factors that are all different. Xerostomia is mainly due to a lack of water. That is to say, the intake of this liquid in a very limited quantity does not allow the mouth to conserve moisture. In addition, taking certain medications causes dryness in the oral cavity. These include anxiolytics or analgesics, which dry out the mouth due to their component.

A chronic disease, a periodontal disease or autoimmune disease can also be at the origin of this discomfort. Finally, a problem related to the salivary gland leads to xerostomia. This last one appears most of the time during the night. Your mouth will tend to become very pasty in addition to an intense desire to drink a lot of water. This will be followed by a difficulty in chewing food easily as well as the appearance of some cracks.

These will be painful and present at the level of the lips. Bad breath is a sign of dehydration of the mouth. As soon as these signs appear, you can go to the dentist to determine the origin of the problem.

Tips to keep your mouth moisturized

There are several practices to successfully keep your mouth moisturized.

Moisturizing your mouth

The first option to hydrate your mouth is to proceed to its humidification. Indeed, water will ensure the necessary hydration to the mucous membranes present in this cavity. This liquid is able to have the same role as saliva. This is the main reason why it is recommended to drink water regularly.

Make sure that its temperature is not too high or too low. However, you have the option of using a water or artificial saliva sprayer. This accessory stimulates the nerves that drive the salivary glands. The use of this spray must be advised by a specialist, as it presents risks if you have a history of respiratory problems.

Activation of saliva through certain exercises

It is possible to create saliva by having very simple practices. This is done by chewing candy or gum. These should be unsweetened and mint flavored if possible. In this way, the salivation process can take place in the best possible way with the contribution of a fresh breath. Certain fruits and vegetables also have the ability to facilitate the regular production of saliva.

Reducing tobacco consumption

Smoking does not only harm the lungs or the heart. It also has a significant effect on your oral health. The chemicals used in its manufacture alter the production of saliva in the mouth. This dry mouth will lead to tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Good dental hygiene

One of the essential behaviors to have a hydrated mouth is oral hygiene. This is what will limit the appearance of diseases related to xerostomia. These include plaque, tartar, gingivitis or even periodontitis. To do this, teeth must be brushed after each meal during the day. It should be done with toothpaste that does not contain much fluoride.

This product could damage your gums and salivary glands. To perfect your brush, you can use a dental floss or a mouthwash as indicated by the dentist. It is important to avoid using a rinsing liquid that contains alcohol.

You can for example use the Y-Brush dental floss. It will allow to clean efficiently and delicately between each tooth and is very easy to use thanks to its handle. The floss is easily inserted into the interstices and interdental spaces, and does not damage the gums.

The different remedies to use in case of frequent dehydration

Use certain medications

Certain medications are formidable for moisturizing the mouth. These are mainly purely pharmaceutical lubricants that serve to increase salivary production. These are able to satisfy you for a while before salivation resumes its normal course. Medications should be taken with your medical history in mind so as not to impact your health.

Drink Jaborandi teas

They are useful in case of dry mouth. Indeed, the leaves contain pilocarbine. This is the active ingredient that is also prescribed to fight dry mouth. You can prepare infusions of jaborandi leaves to hydrate and stimulate its saliva production naturally. To do so, you just need to boil 2 teaspoons of dry leaves in a liter of water and drink 2 cups a day, away from meals.

Use an alcohol-free mouthwash

Alcohol-free mouthwash contains xylitol. This is a component that promotes the production of saliva. If this mouthwash does not suit you, you can also rinse your mouth with a solution of water and a teaspoon of baking soda. The bicarbonate will reduce the acidity linked to dry mouth and will prevent the occurrence of oral fungus, more frequent in case of xerostomia.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the causes of dry mouth. If you apply all the tips we advise you to apply and if you use the different remedies, the problem should disappear quickly.  


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