How to whiten your teeth with turmeric?

Comment se blanchir les dents avec du curcuma ? - Y-Brush

Turmeric is a product very well known as a spice. Endowed with several virtues, it is used in the realization of certain beauty products. It is also an ingredient that does wonders for teeth. It is also an ingredient that works wonders for the teeth. It has been used for years among the products of dental bleaching. Want to know more? Here's how turmeric can make your teeth whiter and brighter.

Here is a guide to understanding how to whiten your teeth with turmeric.

Turmeric : what is it ?

Turmeric is a herbaceous plant also called "turmeric". Turmeric is known for its use as a spice and has the same coloring properties as saffron.

It has many benefits for the teeth:

  • Turmeric's curcumin is also a natural antibiotic, with antibacterial and antiviral properties that help cure oral infections and mouth inflammation.
  • It stimulates the blood circulation of the gums and supports healthy oral bacteria.
  • It helps to whiten the teeth of people with yellow teeth, stained teeth, in other words smokers but also coffee or tea drinkers.

Why is turmeric effective for teeth whitening?

The various virtues of turmeric come essentially from a pigment which is curcumin. It is this pigment that plays an important role in dental hygiene and whitening. The curcumin contained in turmeric is also a natural antibiotic.

It has antiviral and antibacterial properties that help to treat and heal oral infections and superficial wounds. Turmeric kills bacteria thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It acts on bad breath and fights against irritations and oral redness.

How to use turmeric to whiten teeth

Several natural recipes without chemicals can be made with turmeric to have white teeth.

The first easy method

Spread turmeric on your toothbrush and brush as usual. All you need is 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric. The turmeric will automatically form a paste when it comes in contact with saliva. You rub your teeth very well for about two minutes without rinsing your mouth immediately.

You will have to keep the paste for 5 minutes so that the turmeric can work well. Afterwards, you can rinse your teeth with clear water by rubbing them with the brush. You can observe a result already after your first application. The result is much more obvious after at least one week of use. This will remove any turmeric residue that may get stuck between the teeth.

The second very gentle method

At this level, you will need a few drops of olive oil in addition to the turmeric. You need to mix these two ingredients to make a thick paste. Put it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth for at least three minutes. The last step is to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Over time, you may notice the brightness of your teeth.

The third and most effective method

For this last recipe, you need four tablespoons of turmeric longa powder. Then, two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Make the mixture of all these ingredients in a container. If you find that it gets too dry, add a little olive oil. This is a mixture that should be kept in a jar that has a cap. 

Before using, mix your product well and rub your teeth as if it were toothpaste. Rinse your mouth to eliminate the waste that the turmeric will leave. After a few weeks of use, you will have a bright smile and white teeth.

You can use a sonic toothbrush like the Y-Brush to brush your teeth with turmeric. It is a toothbrush that takes into account your dental sensitivity. It allows you to brush your teeth gently.

Does turmeric leave the teeth yellow?

When turmeric is applied to the mouth, it automatically turns the teeth yellow. This is why it is recommended to rinse your mouth well after use. Since teeth are not porous, they will not retain the yellow color of turmeric. When using this whitening recipe, use a different toothbrush than the one you usually use. The residue of your preparation can remain on your brush and make it unusable afterwards.

Why is it not recommended to use chemical whiteners

The harmful effects of turmeric are very rare. Nevertheless, the use of a chemical whitener could be risky and cause side effects. This is because of the presence of a substance that is quite present in these products. This is hydrogen peroxide H202 which is popularly known as hydrogen peroxide. It is an ingredient that allows you to have whiter teeth, but is dangerous and can when swallowed. The most common risks with these products are: enamel damage, hypersensitivity, receding gums and oral infection.

Research has shown that hydrogen peroxide is a factor that can promote the development of cancer. If you still want to whiten your teeth with these products, please follow the recommended doses. Do not reapply regularly and stop using at the slightest symptom. These products are not recommended for people under 16 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women. People with gum problems, periodontitis, cavities or dental sensitivities should also avoid them.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what turmeric is and how it can benefit your teeth. We also hope that you have understood how it is effective in teeth whitening as well as how you should use it to whiten your teeth. It is also important to understand that it will automatically leave your teeth yellow after use, but that is okay. Chemical whiteners are dangerous to your oral health, which is why you should not use them.


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