Smart toothbrushes: what are they worth ?

Brosses à dents intelligentes : que valent elles ? - Y-Brush

According to dentists, many of their patients are in the habit of brushing their teeth by pressing too hard when brushing by hand without the bristles being soft. This damages the gums and promotes tooth sensitivity. With electric toothbrushes, brushing is guided by a pressure sensor and the brushing time is calculated with a timer. Even though electric brushes remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes, some residue between the interdental spaces remains inaccessible and sometimes leads to gingivitis. Today, the advent of the smart brush is improving the teeth cleaning experience.  

Here's a guide to why it's worthwhile to choose a smart toothbrush. 

What is a smart toothbrush ?

A smart toothbrush is a toothbrush with good autonomy that is equipped with motion sensors and artificial intelligence, it easily recognizes your brushing style to guide you and get the best possible results every day. The sensory experience enabled with an artificial toothbrush translates into a smooth and silent cleaning, innovative features such as interactive color display, touch screen, reminders to change the brush head, pressure sensor, but also a stylish design and a magnetic charger.

Innovations with the smart toothbrush

The ultrasonic smart toothbrush makes brushing sessions even easier and more effective. It does this by using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. This high-tech tool automatically shows you the right brushing strokes to achieve more whiteness and better dental hygiene. With this AI brush, you will know exactly how to brush your teeth and respect the duration of brushing (2 min according to the French Union for Oral Health).

The different models of smart toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart: a truly smart electric toothbrush

To offer a more impeccable dental hygiene, Philips offers its brand new connected electric toothbrush: DiamondClean Smart. With this product, it offers brushing assisted by artificial intelligence. The presence of 5 brushing modes (White, Clean, Gum Health, Tongue Care, Deep Clean for cleaning the tongue) is one of the main advantages of this intelligent electric brush. However, its greatest innovation lies in its ability to automatically recognize the mode compatible with the brush connected to the handle, without being coupled to a smartphone.

Other highlights include the DiamondClean Smart electric toothbrush's ability to detect brushed areas without using your smartphone. Like Kolibree's connected electric toothbrush, it monitors the uniformity of the brush bristles' passage over the teeth and brushing routines. The various built-in sensors measure brush tilt, brush position in the mouth and pressure, among other things. Once the smart electric brush is connected to your phone, you'll be informed about areas that bleed, where plaque accumulates, where the gums often recede. This also helps to know your brushing habits and accordingly tells you how to brush your teeth properly.

The Colgate Connect E1

Colgate, a global leader in oral health, produced its first smart toothbrush long before Oral-B. Its flagship model, the Connect E1, benefits from artificial intelligence placed in the handle to monitor brushing time, area cleaned and cleaning frequency. The Connect E1 also features 3-D mapping technology that is used to guide brushing and care for teeth in a targeted manner. This is not the case with the Oral-B toothbrush. In fact, the Colgate Connect E1 tells you the correct way to brush your teeth and which areas to prioritize for healthy teeth and gums.  

The Colgate Connect E1 toothbrush promises streamlined and simple operation for optimal cleaning. Its sonic vibrating technology, combined with the pressure sensor, reliably gets rid of plaque. Its slim and intuitive design makes it compatible with different users, easy to keep in a travel case with its charger.

Oral-B Genius X: brush with artificial intelligence

This is Oral-B's second invention in the field of Smart electric toothbrushes. The artificial intelligence works in conjunction with a smartphone via a Bluetooth link. When the Genius X electric brush is connected, you receive the data collected by the sensors (pressure on teeth and gums, brushing areas) from the Oral-B application. If the pressure is too high, the affected area turns red. In addition, the Genius X smart connected electric brush can identify your brushing style.

iO: Oral-B's latest smart electric toothbrush

Among Oral-B's smart electric toothbrushes, iO stands out for its AI algorithm capable of recording brushing data in 16 zones of the oral space. In addition, it is equipped with a magnetic reader that creates micro-vibrations of the bristles. To accommodate sensitive gums and remove stains from the tooth surface efficiently, the Oral-B electric toothbrush comes with 7 intelligent brushing modes. It takes 3 hours to fully recharge. With one battery, this smart brush stays operational for 12.5 days.

The electric toothbrush of reference: the NylonMed V2 from Y-Brush

The NylonMed V2 toothbrush from Y-Brush allows you to brush your teeth in only 10 seconds. It has 3 modes of sonic vibrations: soft, normal and intensive. You can adjust them according to your brushing preferences. It has the advantage of being ultra-flexible which allows it to adapt to all types of jaws. If you choose this toothbrush, you won't have to waste time in the bathroom. You can test it for a while and see for yourself. They are available online so there is no need to run to the stores. Moreover, they are usually delivered within a few days.

The 3 main criteria for choosing a smart toothbrush

Choosing a sonic toothbrush

It is recommended to choose a sonic toothbrush rather than an oscillating toothbrush. The sonic toothbrush brushes your teeth gently and is used like a manual toothbrush, making large circular movements, whereas the oscillating toothbrush must be placed on each side of your teeth to brush your teeth.

The right brush

There are a wide variety of smart toothbrush head shapes and sizes. As a general rule, small round heads clean the interdental spaces more easily without the need to floss or use interdental brushes all the time, but you may also prefer an elongated head that resembles a manual toothbrush.

The features you need

While all smart toothbrushes can connect to your tablet, they don't all offer the same features. When it comes to brushing, some offer brushing modes such as gum massage or whitening brushing, while some work with brushing speeds. It also needs to be rechargeable.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what a smart toothbrush is. We also hope that you have understood what a smart toothbrush can do. You need to choose your smart toothbrush according to the criteria we have outlined in order to choose the best smart toothbrush possible.


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