Internal bleaching

Le blanchiment interne - Y-Brush

Internal tooth whitening is a treatment like any other tooth whitening, but it aims to change the shade of a single tooth. The whitening product is applied inside the tooth structure and not on the enamel surface, as in other techniques. In this article, we will focus on internal tooth whitening.

Here are the different things you need to know about internal bleaching.

Possible causes of tooth color change

Tooth color changes are very common, and they don't just happen on the outside of the tooth. Internal tooth darkening occurs for several reasons, such as:

  • Trauma;
  • Pulpal necrosis;
  • Iodine contamination;
  • Medication inside the canal;
  • Blood effusion on the internal structure of the teeth.
  • Bad brushing of the teeth

It is in cases like these that the color change is most often seen. The tooth is grayish, but after internal bleaching, this darkening is minimized.

However, you can start by brushing your teeth with the Y-Brush sonic electric toothbrush. This is a dentist-recommended and clinically validated toothbrush that removes 15% more dental plaque than a traditional toothbrush, which helps to make your teeth a little whiter.  

How is internal bleaching done ?

Since the goal of internal bleaching is to treat the shade changes that come from the inside of the tooth, the technique is different; starting with the fact that only this blackened tooth will be in contact with the whitening product. For the process, the dentist makes a small opening in the back of the tooth to access the inside. Through this small hole, he applies the whitening agent so that it can act in place of the blackening. Then he makes a kind of bandage and the patient goes home.

For a few days, the whitening agent will remain on the tooth. You will keep the same hygiene and eating habits. There is no pain or discomfort, everything is very peaceful.

The dentist will ask to schedule a return appointment, and the time frame must be respected because it is necessary to check the progress of the treatment. On that day, the specialist will remove the dressing and change the product to continue whitening.

When the tooth is already as light as desired, the dentist removes the bleaching product one last time and restores the opening he made in the tooth. He uses a resin that is the same shade as the enamel so that it is very discreet and natural.

What is the importance of internal bleaching ?

Taking care of your smile is very popular these days. The appearance of the teeth influences the general image, and appearance impacts personal, social and professional life. Thus, a harmonious smile makes all the difference in promoting a better aesthetic.

Along with this improvement in image, we have other positive aspects provided by internal bleaching. One of them is the increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. After all, who doesn't love having a beautiful white smile, right?

Did you know that it is even possible to look a few years younger by having this treatment? Darkening of the teeth occurs naturally with age; therefore, during whitening, we obtain a younger smile, which will have an impact on our satisfaction with our appearance.

Why have internal bleaching ?  

Having a blackened tooth does not pose a risk to oral health, so some people live with this feature without any complications. But it does cause aesthetic damage, so it's worth getting an internal whitening if it bothers you. 

As said, the appearance of the smile also influences the general appearance. Thus, aesthetic deficiency can trigger problems with socialization and self-esteem. Depending on the field of professional activity, it hinders career development. Therefore, if you wish to have a more harmonious smile or if you need an aesthetic improvement for your social and professional life, it is worthwhile to have an internal whitening. This will prevent that darker tooth from protruding, making the whole look pleasing.

Internal bleaching is a safe procedure, but like any other treatment, it must be performed in a well-structured clinic and by an experienced professional. After all, the technique must be planned according to individual needs and the results to be achieved. So, when choosing where to get your treatment, check the expertise of the dentist, the quality of care and the satisfaction of other patients to ensure that you will be satisfied with the results.

You can get internal whitening at any professional dentist, who offers a variety of dental treatments to take care of the health and aesthetics of your smile, offering you a plus for your quality of life and self-esteem.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand the possible causes of tooth color change. We also hope that you have understood how internal bleaching is done. Internal bleaching will help you feel better about yourself.   


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