Oral hygiene: toothbrushes to use

Hygiène bucco-dentaire : les brosses à dents à utiliser - Y-Brush

When we talk about oral health, we can't avoid talking about toothbrushes. Dentists recommend their use from the first age. A manual or electric toothbrush can be used from the age of 12 months if it is equipped with soft bristles. It is used to dislodge the dental plaque at the origin of the caries. The indications, you apply Toothpaste on the bristles and you brush your teeth.  

Good dental hygiene and a manual toothbrush 

For a long time, the classic manual toothbrush has allowed us to have a healthy oral hygiene, and this, by adopting the good technique. For example, it is necessary to exert less pressure on the teeth and gums in order not to attack them. Try to use the right toothpaste for your oral condition (with dentures, fragile teeth and gums). While brushing, you should tilt the handle at a 45 to 90 angle to brush the entire tooth surface. Do this technique of brushing teeth twice a day for 2 minutes in order to eliminate the dental plaque and bring more whiteness to the teeth. 

To combine eco-responsible brushing with good oral health, you can use a French toothbrush. This type of brush is equipped with a wooden handle and vegetable-based filaments. Ecological and handmade, it can be disposed of in household waste for composting. Brushing teeth with Curaprox manual brushes also seems to be a good alternative. They are recommended by dentists to fight plaque in a more fun and gentle way.  

Oral hygiene: opt for electric toothbrushes

The electric toothbrush improves dental hygiene by incorporating different options and modern technologies. Some models are equipped with a timer that allows you to program the brushing time (2 minutes) recommended by the French Union for Oral Health. Electric brushes also sometimes include brushing modes that comply with different objectives: teeth whitening, gum care, etc.

The electric brush comes in two versions that differ in the movement of the brush head. There is the oscillating-pulsating toothbrush, which is very effective for adults in periodontal or implant maintenance. The oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush simultaneously makes circular and up-and-down movements to remove plaque permanently. With a round head, it goes completely around the teeth. Among the many manufacturers, Oral-b offers the best brushes with a rotating head. There are also electric brushes with a pressure sensor for people with dentures or gingivitis.

Electric brushes are easier to use than a manual brush. Simply place them against your teeth and the bristles will clean everything, even the interdental spaces. You no longer need to floss to reach them. This type of brush is, therefore, very practical for handicapped people or people with gripping difficulties.

Good dental hygiene ultrasonic brushes

Today, brushing your teeth is becoming simpler and easier while enjoying excellent oral health and fresh breath. This has been possible since the invention of the ultrasonic brush, another variation of electric toothbrushes of which Philips Sonicare is one of the best brands. Indeed, the ultrasonic toothbrush emits high-speed vibrations to get rid of bacteria lodged between the teeth and in the oral cavity. Compared to a manual brush, you don't have to scrub your teeth. The vibration technology ensures cleaning once you position the brush head on the teeth. There is also the sonic toothbrush that sends vibrations through the medium, soft or hard bristles, but at a lower frequency compared to ultrasound.

The Y-Brush toothbrush is also equipped with this technology but differs by its Y shape and its 35,000 nylon bristles that make it much more effective, indeed the brushing of teeth has never been so fast (In-Vivo and In-Vitro tests) for an express brushing time (5 to 15 seconds against 2 minutes recommended but generally not applied) a real advance in terms of oral hygiene

Where should I buy my toothbrush?

Buying in-store is a good practice, as it allows you to evaluate the brush directly: grip, design, color, etc. It proves to be favorable to the acquisition by unit of toothbrush. Buying online, on the other hand, you can enjoy free shipping, but under a certain condition. On Amazon, for example, as part of the "Plan and Save" program, you get free shipping if you buy 5 toothbrushes and have them delivered to the same address.


Why not opt for a complete toothbrush pack ?

the complete kit is composed of both an electic toothbrush that allows effective tooth brushing with 3 modes of sonic vibrations but also a toothpaste applicator or a storage stand. It can be more convenient to choose a toothbrush that is part of a dental brushing pack. 

Moreover, you can regularly find on the Y-Brush website exclusive offers to acqire the Rolls Royce of the electric toothbrush ;) 


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