Should we use orthodontic splints?

Faut-il utiliser des gouttières orthodontiques ? - Y-Brush

How to get your best smile? In the age of social networking, it seems to be a good idea to show off your best smile. And for good reason, more and more adults are being tempted by braces to straighten misaligned teeth. This opportunity is due to orthodontics, or more precisely "the medical speciality that focuses on correcting anomalies in the position of teeth and/or jaws".   

This alignment of the teeth and the harmonization of the jaws has several objectives: preventive, aesthetic, but also functional. Indeed, well aligned teeth reduce the risk of cavities, enamel wear but also loosening of the teeth.

To begin any orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to have impeccable oral hygiene. In the case of cavities or tartar, dental care is therefore necessary beforehand. Crowns or implants, on the other hand, are not contraindicated. The treatment itself lasts from six to twenty-four months, depending on the case.

In this guide, we will explain why the orthodontic mouthpiece is the miracle solution for correcting tooth position anomalies.

What is orthodontic splint ?

These are devices that are moulded onto the impressions of the patient's teeth. They must be worn day and night. The aim is to move the teeth little by little until the desired result is achieved. They allow the teeth to be straightened, correcting their position without causing any mall. This dental solution avoids the need for braces. However, regular checks by the orthodontist are necessary.

How an orthodontic splint works ?

An orthodontic splint is worn day and night, except during meals and hygiene care. For reasons of hygiene and depending on dental movements, it should ideally be changed every fortnight. 

In addition, the most important advice for the proper functioning of the orthodontic treatment is to avoid drinks and foods that are too sweet as well as hard or sticky foods that could break the appliance. In addition, it is especially important to maintain good oral hygiene, both before and during treatment.

For the treatment with the braces to be effective, you can brush your teeth effectively with an electric toothbrush that will help remove much of the dental plaque. 

This toothbrush can be the Y-Brush. It is a sonic toothbrush with several vibration modes depending on your personal choice. It will brush your teeth without forgetting the smallest corners of your mouth in only 10 seconds. Its soft, fine bristles allow you to brush in the corners of your mouth, even under the braces. So it's really not difficult to brush your teeth with this type of toothbrush. The results will be visible within the first few hours of brushing your teeth.

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What are the changes after wearing an orthodontic splint ?

The following are the main changes to the alignment of the teeth in relation to a specific dental alignment problem.

  • Correction of the upper teeth that were covering the lower teeth;
  • Alignment of a gap between teeth ;
  • Closing large gaps between teeth;

To complement the use of your orthodontic splint, you can use your sonic toothbrush regularly and also use toothpaste tablets that will allow you to clean your teeth thoroughly. You don't need to worry about brushing your teeth well and everywhere (all sides) thanks to the bristles present throughout the brush and their inclination. This will help you to avoid further dental problems.In addition, Y-Brush is a brand that offers toothpaste tablet that lather up quickly, which promotes fast and effective tooth brushing.  


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