Why should we use organic and ecological toothbrushes "Made in France"?

Pourquoi utiliser des brosses à dents biologiques et écologiques “Made in France” - Y-Brush

If you want to brush your teeth in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible, you can now buy a 100% plant-based, compostable and plastic-free bamboo toothbrush. If you are not familiar with this type of toothbrush, there are many good reasons to use them. Moreover, to remain in an ecological approach, you can find some "made in France". These toothbrushes will not have crossed half the planet! 

Here is a short guide to help you to choose the best eco-friendly toothbrush for your needs. 

the composition of organic and ecological toothbrushes

Organic and ecological toothbrushes handles : 

Basically, every Toothbrush consists of a handle and bristles. Eco-friendly toothbrushes have a bamboo handle. This eco-friendly material grows in large quantities and has antibacterial properties. Some manufacturers use local wood for the handle instead, and this allows for short transport routes that are beneficial to the environment.   

The hair is undoubtedly the most difficult part to make organic. A combination of vegan and compostable (or at least biodegradable) properties and a sustainable material is unfortunately not so easy to achieve.

What kind of bristles for a totally organic toothbrush ?

For the first toothbrushes that existed, the bristles of these brushes were not made of synthetic materials, but rather of hog bristle. These are compostable, 100% natural, but unfortunately not vegan.

For other toothbrushes, the majority of the bristles come from China and are therefore imported. This is completely different in terms of hygiene: bacteria can multiply without any problem.

Today you can find toothbrushes with natural bristles made from the organic material nylon 4 in combination with bamboo charcoal, which has been proven to have a positive effect on the health of teeth.

The Y-Brush brand launches a "Made in France" toothbrush which completes very well the use of a classic manual toothbrush. Indeed, it also has a practical handle which can be used on several toothbrushes. It has soft and fine bristles that make it easy to brush everywhere, even under the wire of your braces if you have one.

Good reasons to buy an organic toothbrush

Why should you buy an organic toothbrush?  This is a question you may be asking yourself.

Here are the main reasons:

Organic toothbrushes for environmental protection:

250 million tons of plastic are produced every year. Much of this plastic waste does not end up in the bin where it belongs. More and more of it drifts into the oceans and ends up sinking to the bottom. Plastic waste in nature is a major threat to our environment. With the wooden toothbrush and the natural bristles, we do not produce any plastic waste. As it is also recommended to change toothbrushes every 3 months, this makes toothbrushes one of the biggest producers of plastic waste. However, the organic toothbrush can be recycled after use. Indeed, there are no limits to creativity in using bamboo wood for decorative ideas in the garden or home.

Organic toothbrushes to limit the growth of microbes : 

Durability, naturalness and reusability are wonderful advantages of organic toothbrushes over conventional plastic toothbrushes. But bamboo wood also has properties that are perfect for use as a toothbrush. The wood is water repellent, does not splinter and has an antimicrobial effect, which means that the toothbrush is effective against all forms of pathogens in the mouth.

Organic toothbrushes to start an eco-friendly lifestyle :

The organic toothbrush can be one of the starting points for a plastic-free life. You will be in line with your values and your desire for change towards more responsible consumption. It is by starting with small things that you will become an eco responsible citizen. So your switch to an organic toothbrush is just the beginning, as it shows how easy it is to replace conventional plastic items with products that are better for the planet.

Once you have chosen the right toothbrush for your needs, you can choose, for example, an organic and 100% Vegan toothpaste tablets from the brand Y-Brush for example. It is 100% Vegan so it does not contain any additional products. It is free of fluoride, which is the cause of tartar and dental plaque formation. 

Choosing the right toothpaste tablets means testing one   

Discover the organic and ecological toothbrushes "Made In France

Many brands and manufacturers are starting to offer bamboo toothbrushes, because they have understood the great market that there is to exploit.

If you want to take a truly eco-friendly approach, the French brand that offers these toothbrushes is Bioseptyl. This brand belongs to the group "La Brosserie Française" founded by Alphonse Dupont.

Bioseptyl offers a wide range of toothbrushes, some of which are made of nylon fibres with a polypropylene handle. The "Edith" toothbrush is also environmentally friendly and responsible, as you only have to change the head. The brand even offers "Dentifrance" toothpaste which is certified organic.

You can also opt for "Made in France" electric toothbrushes such as Y-Brush which has the advantage of having a large number of functions unlike the organic and ecological toothbrush. It has sonic technology that is much less aggressive than oscillating toothbrushes. You also don't need to worry about brushing well and all over the place thanks to the soft, fine bristles throughout the toothbrush and the right angle.

We hope that this short guide will help you to choose the best toothbrush for your needs.


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