Since when do humans brush their teeth ?

Depuis quand les Hommes se brossent-ils les dents ? - Y-Brush

It's a practice we all use several times a day, but I bet most of you don't even know where it comes from, isn't it ? If this is your case then you are in the right place, because here we will go back in time and understand where toothbrushing comes from.  

This story, it begins a long time ago, during Antiquity. At that time, men used to clean their teeth sticks with fibre frayed ends, chewing plants or even toothpicks sometimes made from porcupine spines! We now know that the Egyptians were very concerned about their dental hygiene and already had toothbrushes. Well, certainly at the time they were not as sophisticated as they are today. Their dental cleaning tools were in reality nothing more than wooden rods without bristles on which they applied opiate, the ancestor of toothpaste. The Romans, on the other hand, already used mixtures to whiten their teeth! But they could be made with human urine....

Let's wait a few centuries, here we are in the Middle Ages. In many fields it is wrongly discredited, art, architecture, etc... But for tooth brushing it is true. This period saw the use of oral hygiene tools being lost. People were just rinsing their mouth or cleaning their teeth with cloth. But after these dark ages for teeth brushing appeared in 1498 in China, a toothbrush that could be described as classic, a handle with bristles at its tip. 

The idea of the modern toothbrush was born. Unfortunately, due to its manufacturing defects, especially its very rigid boar bristles, the Chinese invention was initially not well received by the European nobility. Despite this bad start, it became a luxury item at that time, which the wealthiest people proudly carried around their necks. Great Men have shown a strong interest in this small object. In the 18th century, it was Napoleon who brought toothbrushes to each of his campaigns. He even employed a dental surgeon to clean his teeth from top to bottom.

Nevertheless, it was not until the 20th century that toothbrushes were reserved for only an elite group. Its democratization will come in particular from the discovery of nylon in 1938 and progress in the production of brush bristles which previously damaged the gums too much. Interestingly, the army also played an important role in the popularization of the toothbrush because its use was mandatory for the military at that time. All that is missing is the plastic handle that will arrive a few decades later, in the 1950s, and there it is, the toothbrush that we all have in our bathrooms.

But the story is not over, in 1960 a new evolution of the toothbrush, the electric toothbrush, arrived on the market. Nevertheless, its interest remains very debatable because, apart from being vibrant, it does not bring more advantages than its predecessors. It is no more effective than the manual toothbrush, requires the same complex movement to brush your teeth and especially as much time. It is in particular to address these problems that we invented Y-Brush at the end of 2015. An easy-to-use toothbrush that brushes all your teeth in 10 seconds and does so efficiently. Much more effective than any other technique we have seen in this article! Get discounts on our website using the code "IMMAKINGHISTORY".

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