The 3 reasons to pay for a good toothpaste?

Les 3 raisons de mettre le prix pour un bon dentifrice ? - Y-Brush

If you're here, it's because you need a good toothpaste. You know that brushing your teeth with the right toothpaste will help you maintain good oral hygiene. First and foremost, it keeps your teeth healthy and your breath fresh at all times. It should therefore promote good brushing to clean, shine and whiten your teeth. However, you want to be able to trust the toothpaste you are being sold. So you want information that will help you choose a toothpaste you won't regret buying.

Here is a guide to why you should pay for good quality toothpaste.

What we like in a toothpaste

The presence of essential ingredients

1) Fluoride

It is a trace element that has positive effects on the structure of bones and teeth. Indeed, it integrates perfectly with the enamel to increase its resistance to the acid attacks of the bacteria that are responsible for caries. It also has an antibacterial effect, which disrupts their harmful action on the teeth. In addition, it degrades the dental plaque that sometimes leads to tooth loosening. It also restores the minerals that make the teeth more resistant to oral diseases. Ideally, the fluoride content should be between 1000 and 1500 ppm. The French Union for Oral Health recommends at least 1000 ppm. However, some countries prefer not to have fluoride in their toothpastes. It is therefore important not to exceed the recommended doses, as high doses of fluoride can be bad for your health. This is why it is a controversial substance.

2) Sorbitol

Sorbitol is a thickening and wetting agent that prevents the toothpaste from hardening. It therefore helps to give consistency to the toothpaste paste. Its sweetening power is slightly lower than that of sucrose. It also has a soothing effect as it helps to relieve tooth sensitivity. It is also a sweetener which gives the toothpaste a particularly sweet taste. It is important to note that it is only not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

3) Glycerine

This is a liquid of vegetable origin. It has a softening power that makes the toothpaste much lighter. It participates in the same way as sorbitol in giving the toothpaste its taste. It also provides a lot of texture to the toothpaste. In addition, it prevents the toothpaste from drying out when it is exposed to the air. In addition, it helps to care for sensitive gums by fighting plaque and removing stains from teeth and gums.

4) Abrasives

Abrasives are the main raw materials of toothpaste, accounting for between 20 and 50% of the formula. They are powders that have a cleaning effect. They allow to clean all the surfaces of the teeth but help more to clean the enamel surfaces. In the same sense, they remove stains that persist on the teeth. It also removes debris from the teeth. In addition, it improves the action of brushing by influencing plaque to disappear.

A particularly pleasant taste

Toothpastes with a pleasant taste make you want to brush your teeth. With this type of toothpaste, brushing your teeth is no longer a chore even when you are tired and in a hurry. You will definitely take the time to brush your teeth three times a day as recommended by the UFSBD.

Here are some toothpastes that taste particularly good:

1) Apple flavour: Elgydium-Educational Toothpaste

This toothpaste is sold at a price of 4.09 in parapharmacy. 94% of the ingredients in this toothpaste are of natural origin. It can be used during your daily brushing or alternating with your toothpaste. It improves the brushing technique of your teeth. It contains nicomethanol hydrofluoride and fluorinol with 1000 ppm fluoride ions to help protect your teeth against cavities. It has dyes that perfectly stain plaque to indicate areas that need to be brushed. It also stains mucous membranes and teeth.

2) Strawberry flavour: B-Concept Sensitive Gums Toothpaste

It is sold for 1.70 on the Internet and also on Amazon. It contains sodium fluoride (0.22%), i.e. 1000 ppm of fluoril. It therefore strengthens the enamel and helps to protect sensitive gums. It is particularly recommended for children but adults can also use it. It has the texture of a cream, which makes it much more palatable to children. It is also much easier to spread on their toothbrushes. Furthermore, it is a paraben-free toothpaste formula. It is therefore not harmful to their oral health in any way.

3) Mango and Mint flavour: LeBon-Dentifrice "Back to Pampelonne

Its price on the official website of the LeBon brand is 13.50 euros. It is a natural whitening toothpaste with Green Tea and Aloe Vera extracts. These two plants prevent the development of bacteria inside the mouth. It prevents the formation of dental plaque which causes tooth decay. The main advantage of this toothpaste is that it does not contain any sensitising, irritating or allergenic ingredients. The use of this toothpaste does not have any side effects. In addition, it contains papaya enzymes that quickly remove plaque.

4) Lemon flavour: Homeodent: complete care for teeth and gums

This lemon toothpaste is sold for 5.89 euros on the Powersanté website. It is based on plant extracts and two salts of fuor which can be used without any problem with homeopathic treatments. It contains more than 95% ingredients of natural origin. Its fluoride content is 1450 ppm as it contains sodium monofluorophosphate which helps prevent tooth decay. In addition, it has antiseptic and softening properties that help to keep the mouth healthy and fresh. It also helps to strengthen the gums after each brushing.

So there are toothpastes that combine all the necessary ingredients, taste good and meet specific needs.

2 ) There are several places that offer good toothpaste

Most recommended by supermarkets

Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection

This toothpaste is sold for €6.68 on the website. It is part of the new rapid whitening technology. Its whitening effect is particularly gentle on tooth enamel. Its formula, enriched with microcrystals, removes all stains from your teeth in just a few days. It also prevents the appearance of new yellowish and brownish stains on your teeth.

Most recommended by pharmacies

Sensodyne Complete Protection 24-hour Sensitivity Action

It is sold for 4.40 euros on the PharmaShopi website. It contains two main ingredients that have a beneficial effect on your oral health. Firstly, fluoride, which allows the remineralisation of the enamel. Secondly, zinc citrate which helps to fight bacteria on your teeth. It protects sensitive teeth for at least 24 hours. It relieves tooth sensitivity and offers good protection against cavities.

Most recommended on websites according to reviews

Y-Brush toothpaste tablets

This is a fresh mint toothpaste. It offers a fresh breath all day long. It is sold for 9.99 euros on the Y-Brush website. It is made in France from 100% natural ingredients. It actively reduces the acid attack on your teeth and gums. In this sense, it also fights against dental plaque, which is the cause of tartar. In addition, it also acts against bacteria that attack the tooth enamel. 

A wide variety of toothpastes to suit your needs

Ordinary toothpaste

Ordinary toothpaste is toothpaste that contains basic ingredients. It is not intended to solve or alleviate a specific oral problem. Typically, it has a fluoride concentration of between 1000 and 1500 ppm. It is largely responsible for making brushing your teeth more effective. It strengthens the tooth enamel which protects the sensitive parts of the tooth from external aggression. In addition, it is particularly abrasive, which helps to make your teeth shiny and white.

Specific toothpaste

Specific toothpaste is in other words a medicine that is sold without prescription. It helps to solve several oral problems such as: bad breath, gum inflammation or the appearance of cavities. For bad breath, it gives your breath a pleasant smell. For gum problems, it helps to prevent bleeding. Then, for cavities, it protects the tooth enamel to prevent them.

The price of the specific toothpaste varies according to your oral problem: strong breath, gum problems or the appearance of cavities. One of the most expensive but effective speciality toothpastes is Marvis toothpaste. It is sold for 9.80 euros on the Aegis Pharma website. It contains alum stone which will polish the teeth without damaging them. It can therefore be used to remove the yellow stains that appear after drinking coffee.

Organic toothpaste

In paste or gel form, it contains an average of 95% or more of organic or plant-based ingredients. It is a toothpaste made from plant extracts. It does not contain any chemicals. It is often made with little or no fluoride. It generally has a certified label that guarantees its compliance with organic cosmetic criteria, such as BDIH, Cosmébio or Ecocert. It does not contain any chemical preservatives which usually affect the shelf life of the toothpaste.

One of the most expensive but effective organic toothpastes is: ascentical solid toothpaste: it costs 12.90 euros. It is a toothpaste with activated charcoal and mint. The activated charcoal is 100% vegetable, which allows the teeth to be polished gently. It is also known to purify the mouth.

Y Brush also has two organic toothpastes in its range, a solid toothpaste for 9.99 euros. These are 60 tablets in a metal box. But also a toothpaste in a tube for 7.99€.

Toothpaste tablets

The main purpose of this type of toothpaste is to make the mouth foam in just a few seconds. It allows you to keep your teeth clean and healthy in all circumstances. It is therefore easy to carry everywhere: when travelling, on public transport or at work. It fits into any backpack or handbag. It is a good natural and zero waste alternative to toothpaste in a tube. It is a new way to brush your teeth quickly when you are short of time.

Here's how toothpaste tablets works:

  • Chew the tablet  
  • Rub your teeth with your tongue to create a foam
  • Wet your toothbrush
  • Brush all your teeth and gums
  • Rinse your mouth with water   

We hope this guide has convinced you to pay the price for a toothpaste that will live up to your expectations of healthy, bright white teeth. Indeed, taking a good toothpaste at a high price will always ensure that it has all the reliability criteria that exist. However, your choice of toothpaste brand or features depends not only on your oral needs but also on the specific problems you are experiencing.


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