Yellow tooth: should you go to the dentist for treatment?

Dent jaune : faut-il aller chez le dentiste pour un traitement ? - Y-Brush

The perfect smile is one that is displayed with very well aligned and white teeth. For many people, having yellow teeth can be an obstacle to a brilliant smile. The aim is to limit this yellowing, to whiten the teeth quickly and to restore their original colouring. Do you have to go to the dentist to remedy this? Can you whiten your teeth at home?

Yellow teeth are a sign of poor oral hygiene

Yellowish discolouration of a tooth can be of natural origin. Over time, tooth enamel wears away, becoming thinner and revealing the dentin, which is naturally yellow in colour. The whiteness of the teeth can also be affected by certain medications. This is the case, for example, with tetracycline. This type of antibiotic causes brown spots on the teeth.

In most cases, however, it is poor oral hygiene that is to blame for the unattractive yellowing of the teeth. This may involve :

  • Too little frequent use of the toothbrush
  • Poor brushing of the teeth
  • Using the wrong toothbrush or toothpaste

Other external factors such as excessive consumption of acidic and sugary foods, alcohol, coffee and tobacco also produce the yellowing effect.

You can use the Y-Brush toothbrush which simplifies brushing by allowing you to brush all sides at the same time. All this thanks to its filaments that have the right inclination, which automates the gesture to be made to have a good oral hygiene.

Do I have to go to the dentist to have my teeth whitened?

Tooth whitening, or dental bleaching in the jargon, is the technique recommended by dentists if the teeth are very yellowed. It consists of spraying the yellow tooth with a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening product after removing the tartar. These whitening products restore the tooth to its original colour by rectifying its shade.

The treatment has been proven to work. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Tooth whitening is contraindicated if you have an untreated decayed or devitalized tooth, gum irritation or overly sensitive tooth enamel. A complete oral assessment by a dental surgeon is therefore necessary before prescribing treatment.

It is therefore not advisable to use a tooth whitening kit without first consulting a dentist. These kits, which are widely available in the shops, contain hydrogen peroxide, the quantities of which are not always correctly measured. However, an overdose of hydrogen peroxide is one of the causes of enamel erosion and can further yellow the tooth before attacking the dentin.

The Y-Brush is a particularly effective toothbrush for reducing plaque. It removes 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush. It therefore puts an end to excessive plaque accumulation that weakens the enamel.

Tooth whitening at home is possible

After a first visit to the dentist, teeth whitening can be done at home. This is called outpatient whitening. This technique consists of providing you with trays made to measure according to the impressions of your teeth.

The tray will gradually spray the whitening product. It is therefore worn for about four hours a day. An outpatient treatment lasts on average three weeks and varies from patient to patient. It is much more effective than natural solutions that use products such as baking soda to combat tooth discolouration.

Once you have done your home tooth whitening, you can use the Y-Brush toothbrush. The Y-Brush allows you to stop worrying about brushing all sides of your teeth because the bristles of the brush have a good inclination. You will not forget any part of your teeth, whether it is the gums or the teeth. You can also use a fluoride-free toothpaste tablets that does not contain ingredients that are harmful to your teeth. 

Instant whitening with chairside treatment

If you want your teeth to be instantly white again, an "in-office" whitening treatment is best for you. The treatment takes place exclusively in the dental office. Your dentist applies a peroxide and fluoride gel to the yellow teeth after protecting the gums. After one or two painless sessions, your teeth will be bright white again and your oral health will be very good.

Even if a dental bleaching at your dentist is effective, nothing beats the efficiency of an electric toothbrush to get white teeth in no time without any pain. Indeed, the Y-Brush toothbrush has bristles inclined at 45° on the dental walls. It allows to brush without aggression the gums and the gingival sulcus. It is used in particular for sensitive gums. In addition, the filaments have a good inclination which allows a perfect automation of the tooth brushing gesture.

We hope that this guide has helped you to understand that the treatment of your yellow teeth must be taken extremely seriously. Whether it's with a home treatment or at the dentist's. Your oral health is important. You owe it to yourself to keep it as healthy as possible.


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