If dentists recommend two minutes, how can Y-Brush clean teeth in 10 seconds?

Our innovation is based on a simple observation: a standard toothbrush head can only brush one area of the tooth at once, which means brushing your teeth takes time. Since Y-Brush brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, then the whole tooth brushing process only takes 10 seconds, 5 seconds for your top teeth and 5 seconds for your bottom teeth, which is four times more than a regular toothbrush and more effective for thoroughly and effectively brushing your teeth.

You have doubts about the effectiveness of the Y-Brush toothbrush? Here is scientific proof!

Why do you use nylon filaments instead of silicone "tips"?

Will this work for my children?

How do I clean my Y-Brush?

This is Y-Brush the same as Ama*** ?

Will I still need to floss?

Puis-je choisir une brosse souple, médium, ou dure ?

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