If dentists recommend two minutes, how can Y-Brush clean teeth in 10 seconds?

Our innovation is based on a simple observation: a standard toothbrush head can only brush one area of the tooth at once, which means brushing your teeth takes time. Since Y-Brush brushes all of your teeth simultaneously, then the whole tooth brushing process only takes 10 seconds, 5 seconds for your top teeth and 5 seconds for your bottom teeth, which is four times more than a regular toothbrush and more effective for thoroughly and effectively brushing your teeth.

Why do you use nylon filaments instead of silicone "tips"?

How can we choose the right size brush?

Will this work for my children?

How do I clean my Y-Brush?

How soft are the bristles?

This is Y-Brush the same as Ama*** ?

Will I still need to floss?

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