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The organic toothpastes with clay are more and more trendy these last years. For the protection of teeth and gums. Some toothpastes contain lemon, mint, essential oils and other ingredients in addition to clay, for the health of teeth and gums. What is it really? We talk about it in this article. 

Here is a guide to learn more about clay toothpaste to know how to use it properly.

What is clay toothpaste?

Clay Toothpaste is composed of either surfine or ventilated green clay, which is available in the form of powder, ready-to-use paste or capsules in pharmacies and health food stores. Or white or red clay which is generally used for skin and hair care but which is just as effective for oral care.

The virtues of clay

Clay is mainly known for its cleaning, absorbing and antiseptic virtues. It allows you to clean your teeth gently but also to freshen your breath. Indeed, it is very simple to make tooth paste by mixing it with water to obtain a texture identical to that of a toothpaste.

Here are all the virtues of clay:

  • It is composed of silica, aluminum and has all kinds of trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, selenium and zinc.
  • It is anti-inflammatory since it alleviates muscular and articular pains.
  • It absorbs gas and protects the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  • It is antiseptic and purifying because it calms all the irritations and itchings, and supports the cicatrization of the skin and the mucous membranes.
  • It helps to get rid of all the bad toxins.
  • It remineralizes the body thanks to the mineral salts it contains.

The different ingredients of clay toothpaste

It is generally composed of :

  • essential oil of lemon: it is mainly recognized for its capacity to bleach the teeth. Indeed, it is composed mainly of limonene, a terpene with strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties which will participate in the elimination of tartar.
  • The white clay: it is recognized for its purifying and anti-infectious properties. It will make it possible to cleanse your mouth, to reduce the appearance of the mouth ulcers and the gingivites and to neutralize the acidity of your mouth in the event of demineralization of the teeth.
  • Sorbitol: It is a sugar alcohol. It is used as a thickener and wetting agent to prevent toothpaste from hardening when the tube is opened or when the toothpaste is exposed to air. It is similar to xylitol.
  • Citric acid: It has a particularly whitening action on the teeth. It will reduce tartar and plaque that have accumulated over time on your teeth. It makes it possible to bleach your teeth well.
  • Sodium cocoyl glutamate : it is made from fatty acids of the coconut oil and an amino acid, the glutamate. It is a rather soft anionic surfactant, used in the organic formulas of most clay toothpastes.

Clay toothpaste for white teeth ? 

Many people on the internet believe that white clay makes teeth whiter, and even advertise it. The topic has become popular in the world of celebrities and bloggers, but the question is: does it work and is it right?

Who doesn't want whiter, beautiful and healthy teeth? It's everyone's desire. There are precautions to be taken when choosing a form of teeth whitening. Just like fad diets, the internet spreads news and information that can be dangerous, such as whitening and cleaning teeth with clay and charcoal. Could this be another Internet rumor, a fake news?

Rumor or not, celebrities are using these substances. The fact is that white clay is one of the ingredients of natural toothpastes and it provides cleaning, in addition to being anti-inflammatory. But...

What's wrong with clay ?

The main ingredient in clay is silicate dioxide (silica), a component of sand, an excellent exfoliant and a raw material for glass. With constant use, the enamel of the teeth wears away, it alters the aesthetics and causes dental hypersensitivity.

Do you want to use clay? Use to exfoliate the face and body, areas that regenerate. The tooth is not like the skin, and enamel does not regenerate.

However, homemade recipes with clay are often more effective.

Here is the recipe for clay toothpaste:

  • In a small bowl, put 3 tablespoons of clay
  • Then add a teaspoon of baking soda
  • Mix
  • Now add 8 drops of essential oil of sweet mint
  • Mix again
  • Pour into a glass container to keep the powder well

Also avoid activated charcoal

The new wave of the internet is activated charcoal teeth whitening. Charcoal, which has a high absorption capacity, removes stains and provides teeth whitening. Nice? No!

Using these substances only harms teeth and oral health. Clay and activated charcoal are abrasive and cause wear to the enamel of the teeth. Enamel is the most noble part of the tooth, the layer that protects it from the outside. Over time, it can lose important substances and become naturally more fragile. The use of such substances, such as charcoal and clay, accelerates this process.

It is important to note that not all teeth are the same. Just because a product has worked for others does not mean it will work for you. It is not necessary to brush your teeth with clay or other products like charcoal or baking soda, as some people claim. These products, instead of giving you the desired effect, can actually cause many more serious dental problems.

For those who prefer not to take risks and test the "new stuff on the internet" and want to whiten their teeth, here is a good option:

You can prefer homemade tooth whitening toothpastes, made exclusively for this purpose, and with treatments that can be done in the office or at home. The important thing is to have the indication and follow-up of a professional, to preserve the health and care of your teeth.

Do you want to know more about effective, non-abrasive teeth whitening methods? Don't hesitate to talk about it with your dentist.

The different good clay toothpastes sold in stores

1) Lemon-Denticlay Clay Toothpaste

It is a toothpaste which mixes clay and lemon for a particularly bright whiteness. It has a particularly healing and revitalizing action for the gums. It does not scratch the enamel of the teeth because the clays used do not contain any grain of sand. The unrefined sea salt reinforces its effectiveness.

2) Remineralizing toothpaste with mint and cattier clay

It is a remineralizing toothpaste certified organic clay and essential oil of organic mint that refreshes breath and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. The natural ingredients have been selected to effectively protect and clean teeth. It is rich in minerals and trace elements that strengthen tooth enamel and keep teeth clean.

3) Argiletz organic toothpaste with natural clay

It is remineralizing and purifying. It brings whiteness to your teeth. It is available in several flavors: lemon, eucalyptus and organic mint. It is made without preservatives or artificial coloring. The one with lemon offers your gums much more tonus. The one with mint is to be preferred for the fragile gums. The one with eucalyptus is rich in trace elements.

If you are not completely convinced by the clay toothpaste, you can opt for the organic mint toothpaste with fluoride from Y-Brush. It is a toothpaste with a fluoride content of 1450 ppm which is the dosage recommended by the French Union of Oral Health, can effectively strengthen the tooth enamel, fight against the formation of cavities, fight plaque and act against bacteria. Its transparent and fluid paste allows a more effective and fast brush washing.

We hope this guide has helped you understand what clay toothpaste is and its main benefits. It is important to know all the good ingredients of clay toothpaste. Indeed, it makes your teeth white but you must also know the small disadvantages that it has. In any case, clay is better than activated carbon. So you should choose the right clay toothpaste in the shops or opt for a mint one.


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