How to remove dental plaque in 5 minutes?

Comment éliminer la plaque dentaire en 5 minutes ? - Y-Brush

If you are here, you know that dental plaque formation has a negative impact on your teeth. It makes it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. Indeed, it is true that the accumulation of even small amounts of plaque can irritate your gums. If you do not use effective solutions quickly, several oral problems can occur: bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums causing gingivitis or even much more serious oral diseases such as periodontitis. It is therefore important to use all possible techniques to remove dental plaque.  

So here's a guide on how to remove dental plaque in 5 minutes.

What is dental plaque ?

Dental plaque is a sticky, colourless coating that appears as a whitish substance. It forms continuously on our teeth and is deposited on the surface of the teeth. It is mainly due to an accumulation of bacteria and sugars in the form of deposits. When it calcifies, it turns into tartar. It is therefore necessary to remove it on a regular basis as it is the cause of cavities and gum disease.

The first technique: improving oral hygiene 

Ensuring that you maintain good oral hygiene is the simplest technique for effectively combating plaque. This prevents it from turning into tartar. 

The various ways to improve your oral hygiene are

- Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day: in the evening and after each meal. You should brush your teeth about 30 minutes after eating and for 2 minutes. However, you can use a sonic toothbrush that will do this effectively in 10 seconds: Y-Brush. It removes 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush

- Choose a soft or medium bristle toothbrush. Ideally, you should use a soft bristle toothbrush. This is because soft bristles preserve tooth enamel the most by taking the shape of your teeth. A hard-bristled toothbrush, on the other hand, damages the tooth enamel.  

- Use dental floss: This is a very thin nylon thread that is inserted between the teeth or interdental brushes. Its purpose is to effectively clean the sides of the teeth.

- Brush your tongue with your toothbrush to remove dead skin and bacteria. These play an important role in the formation of plaque.

- Try to eat well: you should avoid sugary foods and drinks such as: drinks with added sugar and pastries.

The second technique: using home-made methods to remove plaque 

Tartar is the number one cause of oral diseases such as tooth decay. However, you can quickly and naturally remove dental plaque that has turned into tartar with home remedies. Once you have applied one of these home methods, the complete removal of dental plaque transformed in tartar will be much easier if you need to go to a dentist.

Here are the main home methods for removing plaque:

Walnut shell recipe

Here are the instructions for this recipe:

- Take 30g of walnut shells and put a little water in a saucepan

- Boil the contents of the pan for 15 to 20 minutes

- When the time is up, dip your toothbrush into the pot

- Brush your teeth for at least 5 minutes with this preparation

- Use the preparation 3 times a day when brushing your teeth

Recipe with wormwood leaves

- Mix three tablespoons of wormwood leaves with 4 decilitres of wine

- Cover the mixture and let it rest for 2 hours

- Strain the mixture until it is perfectly homogeneous

- Brush your teeth, being careful not to swallow any

- Rinse your mouth several times after each brushing

Recipe with sunflower seeds and lime coffee

- Bring 1 litre of water to the boil in a saucepan

- Add 4 teaspoons of sunflower seeds

- Add 4 teaspoons of linden

- Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for half an hour.

- Use this mixture: morning, noon and night.

The third technique: choose toothpastes that limit plaque formation 

Toothpastes that prevent the formation of dental plaque and tartar that cause gum problems. Indeed, these anti-dental plaque toothpastes protect your mouth from the proliferation of bacteria and prevent the tartar deposits that lead to the formation of dental plaque. These dental care products are also used to protect the gums from inflammation. They also help to prevent the risk of periodontitis. 

Here are some toothpastes that help to limit the formation of dental plaque:

- Parodontax: It should be used twice a day. In fact, it is 4 times more effective than a classic toothpaste in fighting against dental plaque. Indeed, it contains fine particles of sodium bicarbonate which penetrate the layer of dental plaque to reduce its adhesion to your teeth. It even takes care of particularly sensitive areas. It therefore helps to keep your gums healthy and your teeth strong.

- Toothpaste in tube Mint Bio from Y-Brush: It has a fluoride content of 1450 ppm. This is the perfect dosage recommended by the French Union for Oral Health. It allows to fight effectively against the dental plaque by destroying all the bacteria at the origin of the dental plaque but also to reinforce the dental enamel and to fight against the formation of caries. It therefore makes brushing easier to eliminate it.

- Signal Anti-Tartar Toothpaste: It contains fluoride and active ingredients that help to limit the formation of dental plaque very quickly. In addition, it slows down the calcification of dental plaque and therefore the formation of tartar, which is the cause of oral diseases. It allows remineralisation of the teeth as it strengthens the structure of the enamel. This helps to prevent cavities.

Ideally, you should use a soft or medium bristle toothbrush that will allow you to remove plaque without damaging your gums. The Y-Brush toothbrush has soft, fine bristles. This means that you can brush everywhere, even in hard-to-reach areas. 

The fourth technique: Calling a dentist as a last resort

When dental plaque has turned into tartar, it can no longer be removed by brushing alone. It is therefore important to use a sharp-edged metal tool that vibrates and sprays water and other tools. These can loosen the tartar from the tooth and remove it. In effect, it removes both dental plaque and tartar from the teeth. Dental plaque is removed from the surface of the teeth and below the gum line. Tartar, on the other hand, is removed not only from the teeth but also from the gums. In addition, it also scales the root surface and smoothes the scaled area.

We hope this guide has made you aware of the importance of using proper techniques to remove tartar from your teeth in 5 minutes. If you don't remove tartar from your teeth, you risk developing oral diseases that are difficult to treat without a dentist. Ideally, you should try to remove the plaque from your teeth yourself and then call a dentist to do the rest of the work.


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