Periodontitis: How to get rid of it ?

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When some people reach a certain age, they experience tooth loss. Periodontitis is one of the main causes of tooth loss. Fortunately, periodontitis can be treated and prevented. Special "periodontitis" products can help prevent periodontal disease. However, the use of products to treat periodontitis often requires the advice of a dentist. Many people are still unaware of this disease and its harmful effects.

Here is a guide on how to deal with periodontitis.

What is periodontitis ?

Periodontitis is the consequence of worsening gum disease. The inflammation of the gums will spread to the entire support that allows the tooth to be attached. Tooth decay is then observed in people with the severe form of the disease. The infection will have a serious impact on the gums and will lead to the destruction of the jaw. At the onset of the first symptoms you should consult your dentist immediately. Your general health will be affected if you have periodontitis. It can lead to cardiovascular disease as well as lung disease. Other symptoms such as abscesses, which can lead to pain and swelling, can be seen in some people. Periodontitis is a chronic disease causing tooth loss in adults, but it can also affect young children.

The causes of periodontitis

Poor oral hygiene is the main reason for periodontitis. The accumulation of plaque and tartar under the gums causes gingivitis, which worsens into periodontitis. Periodontal pockets containing pathogenic bacteria will form in the periodontal tissue. An accumulation of bacteria will cause a severe form of periodontitis. In addition to plaque, vitamin C deficiency or scurvy can also cause periodontitis. You also need to learn to relax, as emotional stress is one of the factors causing the disease. People with obesity or type 1 diabetes can also be prone to periodontitis. Extreme smoking is one of the causes of dental problems, which become periodontitis as they worsen.

How to prevent periodontitis ?

If you don't want to reach the stage of loose teeth. You need to have impeccable oral health. Oral hygiene products for periodontitis help to prevent the disease. If a person has bad breath all the time, they have halitosis, so they should see a dentist to prevent complications later. Have regular dental check-ups. Stop or at least limit smoking. The most important thing is that you take care of your oral cavity.

Remember to brush your teeth in the morning and evening, using prescribed toothpastes. Use mouthwash and rinse your mouth well after each brushing. Good dental hygiene helps to combat bacterial plaque. Do not hesitate to use dental floss. You should be on the alert for gum infections. At the first sign of bleeding gums, it is best to consult a dental hygienist. You need to strengthen your gum tissue with a good periodontitis treatment product.

You can use the Y-Brush toothbrush to brush your teeth effectively and remove as much plaque as possible. It brushes all the teeth and their sides at the same time removing 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush.

How to treat periodontitis?

The first treatment to be carried out, regardless of the stage of periodontitis, is scaling followed by surfacing. During scaling, the dentist cleans the teeth with ultrasound instruments. Surfacing consists of removing the cementum and dentin infected by toxins. Afterwards, the root of the tooth is polished. The therapist advises the patient with the disease on the correct course of action to take so as not to aggravate the disease. If the deep pockets persist, antibiotics are required. The periodontal pockets can also be removed by surgery. A bone graft is performed to regenerate the alveolar bone. Teeth that move slightly must be contained. For people with necrotic periodontitis, the plaque is treated and they receive antibiotic therapy. A dental examination followed by an X-ray can diagnose periodontitis. You should therefore consult a dentist, as only he or she can give you the right treatment. Periodontitis is preventable but also treatable. It is always important that you are alert to your dental health.

1- Surgical treatment of periodontitis

  • Pocket depth reduction : Pocket reduction is a surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. It consists in eliminating the tissues not attached to the dental surfaces to reduce the accumulation of bacteria responsible for periodontal diseases.
  • Guided regeneration and bone grafting : Pocket depth reductions are possible by regenerating the destroyed tissue. The aim is to generate the formation of dental bone and ligaments damaged by periodontal disease.
  • Plastic surgeries : Root denudations or "loosening" can be treated by surgical interventions. The aim is to form thicker tissues to cover the denuded parts.

2- Oral antibiotics for the treatment of periodontitis

Oral antibiotics act directly on the gums in order to treat periodontitis as quickly as possible.

The most commonly used oral antibiotics are

  • Tetracyclines : Antibiotics containing tetracycline hydrochloride are the most commonly used in periodontal treatment. They have antibacterial properties, reduce inflammation and block the main protein that destroys the connective tissue of the gums.
  • Macrolide antibiotics : This is a group of antibiotics that reduce inflammation of the gums and thus gradually reduce dental pain. It also reduces the bacterial growth associated with periodontitis.
  • Metronidazole : This is an antibiotic that is most often used with amoxicillin or tetracycline. It is used to fight inflammation and bacterial growth in advanced or chronic periodontitis.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand what periodontitis really is and the different solutions available to you to treat your periodontitis in the best way. In any case, consulting a dental surgeon is not an option but is highly recommended to avoid aggravation of this oral problem.


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