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If you're here then you know that using solid toothpaste to brush your teeth is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, there are more and more brands of solid toothpaste on the market and it's not for nothing. It is the best zero-waste alternative to traditional toothpaste as it is usually sold in a simple cardboard box instead of the traditional plastic packaging. There are many other reasons why you should choose a toothpaste tablet over a toothpaste tube.

Here is a guide to why you should use a toothpaste tablet rather than a toothpaste tube.

What is a toothpaste tablet?

Toothpaste tablets are solid toothpastes that do not come in the form of a paste stored in a tube. It is made of 100% vegan and natural ingredients. It is mostly free of fluoride, which is an ingredient that usually causes tooth decay. It also has a high cell content which gently polishes the teeth and prevents possible dental plaque deposits, stains and bacteria. Furthermore, it is not polluting because its packaging is usually recyclable. It is very often found inside a metal box that can be recycled. In addition, it gives the mouth a fresher feeling than toothpaste in a tube.

The 6 main components of toothpaste tablets

Xylitol or birch sugar

Xylitol is a 100% natural sweetener extracted from plant sources. It replaces sugar. It reduces the level of acidity in the mouth through saliva. It also helps to minimise the growth of bacteria, particularly those that cause tooth decay.

Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is used mainly in toothpastes as a thickener and mild abrasive. It is also a polishing agent that is responsible for the smooth feel that remains after brushing your teeth, it also helps to fight plaque and cavities.

Sodium coco sulphate

This is a surfactant derived from coconut oil, presented in solid form. It offers foaming and cleaning properties. It is a natural alternative to sodium lauryl sulphate which is a foaming surfactant that is particularly irritating to the oral mucosa.

Magnesium stearate

This is a natural fatty acid that comes in the form of a white powder. It is used as an anti-caking agent, emulsifier and thickener. It limits the agglomeration of solid particles inside the toothpaste. It is a necessary vegetable aid during the pressing of the tablets.

Natural mint aroma and eugenol

Mint is good for oral health because it is naturally antimicrobial. It kills the bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. Eugenol is a natural part of the mint flavour. It is mainly used for its analgesic, antiseptic and healing properties.

Xanthan gum

It is a gelling and thickening agent. It is used to modify the viscosity and texture of the aqueous phases of toothpastes. In high concentrations, it has a thickening power and allows the creation of high viscosity textures. It therefore makes the chewable toothpaste smooth and creamy.

The main benefits of toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets are made without plastic. Its packaging is free of harmful components. Its composition is free of preservatives and additives. The ingredients are therefore certified 100% natural. It is therefore particularly gentle on the gums and teeth. It comes in a format that can be refilled over and over again according to your wishes. It allows you to have much smoother and brighter teeth.

The ease of use of toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets are much easier to use than toothpaste tubes because you don't need to use a toothpaste pusher to get the right amount of toothpaste. This dose is contained directly in the toothpaste tablet that you will use.

The principle of the toothpaste tablet is as follows:

  • You start by taking one or half a tablet of toothpaste
  • You then brush your teeth with your usual toothbrush
  • You should let the toothpaste foam inside your mouth
  • Finally, you should rinse your mouth as you would with regular toothpaste

The main brands of toothpaste in tablet form

Sloe Mint solid toothpaste

It is sold at the price of 6.00 euros on the site of un jour un homme. It is an oral care composed of microcrystalline wood cellulose to polish the teeth, of bicarbonate of soda to clean the teeth and make them whiter, of sodium fluoride to fight against the appearance of cavities but also of natural mint aroma for a fresh breath after each toothbrushing of your teeth.

APO France solid toothpaste

It is sold for 8.50 euros on the APO France website. It is a 100% natural solid toothpaste that is gluten-free and vegan. It has been developed and recommended by dentists. In addition, the bag of this toothpaste is made from corn starch. It is therefore fully compostable. It has a natural mint aroma to ensure fresh breath.

Breathe Solid Toothpaste

It is sold for 8.90 euros on the Respire website. It is 98% natural. It has a natural mint aroma. It does not contain controversial ingredients such as sulphates or micro-plastics. It provides a long-lasting fresh feeling. It does not contain any artificial colouring. It has a neutral PH which respects the PH of the oral mucosa.

Y-Brush solid toothpaste tablet

It is sold for 14.99 euros on the Y-Brush website. This chewable toothpaste is made of 100% natural and vegan ingredients. It is therefore not tested on animals. Moreover, it is free of fluoride, which is the cause of oral diseases, and also free of paraben, which is an endocrine disruptor. It reduces acid attack, acts against bacteria, fights against dental plaque and gives fresh breath.

I love my teeth solid toothpaste

It is sold for 11 euros on the j'aime mes dents website. The ingredients that make up this vegan toothpaste are healthy and 100% natural so this toothpaste is biodegradable. It contains organic corn starch which helps to clean/polish teeth and improve their shine. It is free from preservatives, fluoride, germicides, binders, aluminium and plastics.

The Green emporium solid toothpaste tablet

It is sold for €7.49 on the Slow Cosmetics website. It is vegan and does not contain fluoride. It is COSMOS Natural certified. It is composed of sweetener of vegetable origin, bicarbonate of soda, a surfactant derived from coconut, hydrated silica, magnesium stearate, citric acid and finally an extract of Stevia Rebaudiana. These are aromatic compounds naturally present in natural flavour.

The first thing you can try is the Y-Brush toothpaste tablets. Indeed, it is a toothpaste rated 100/100 on Yuka and it comes in a resealable recyclable bag.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand that the compounds in toothpaste tablets are much less harmful than those in toothpaste tubes. We hope that you will have understood that it is strongly recommended that you use them for both your oral health and the environment. You can also use all the ingredients we have listed at home to make a 100% natural toothpaste without spending too much money


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