Is solid toothpaste better?

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The organic solid toothpaste belongs to the family of solid cosmetics alongside the solid shampoo and solid body balm like the Deva balms Pachamamai. It is available in travel size, in pebble, in stick and in powder. The solid toothpaste seduces with its zero waste and ecological concept by using biodegradable packaging and by favoring natural ingredients. 

The main components of a solid toothpaste

Solid toothpaste contains various compounds that give it a compact texture and the ability to fight cavities and provide fresh breath. It contains oils, vegetable butters or waxes that serve as texturing agents. Its natural ingredients work favorably on the gums and teeth. This type of toothpaste also includes absorbent and antibacterial agents such as zinc oxide, baking soda or clay. It contains, among others, soft abrasive agents such as calcium carbonate, white clay or green clay that get rid of dental plaque and impurities.

Other active ingredients in solid toothpaste include xylitol, vegetable charcoal, Siwak powder, etc., which make teeth whiter. Some models of solid toothpaste sometimes add other natural ingredients (activated charcoal, silica, mint, coconut oil, essential oils) to adapt to the specificities of the patients and guarantee a good oral hygiene. In short, the components of solid toothpaste have antifungal, antibacterial and soothing properties. In addition to providing a good taste, they make the teeth clean.

How to use and store solid toothpaste?

Using solid toothpaste when brushing your teeth is very simple. First, wet your toothbrush. Then rub it against the toothpaste block until a foam appears. Collect the foam with the brush bristles. After that, you can finally brush your teeth. However, it is recommended not to recover a lot of foam, because it continues to foam when in contact with saliva.

For a durable and hygienic conservation of the solid toothpaste, it is necessary to place it in a cardboard box or a metal box. This location protects it from the humidity of the bathroom which is likely to make it drip.

Why use solid toothpaste?

It is a natural and environmentally friendly toothpaste. In addition to the natural ingredients, solid toothpaste is covered with non-polluting and sustainable packaging. They are therefore less aggressive to the oral cavity. However, some models contain chemicals. To avoid getting them, it is necessary to be well informed on their compositions or to consult the reviews of solid toothpaste.

On the other hand, its cost is higher than that of a classic toothpaste. However, its cost/duration ratio is more beneficial in the long run. Compared to the classic toothpaste tube, the natural solid toothpaste is less bulky and becomes more convenient to carry.   


The best solid toothpastes

In the list of the best solid toothpastes, we find the lemon solid toothpaste and the charcoal solid toothpaste with a black aspect, economical and easy to use. Discover also the other vegan products used to adopt a good dental hygiene.

The organic solid toothpaste with mint

This is a vegan solid toothpaste, certified organic and zero waste. Composed of coconut oil, xylitol, calcium carbonate and birch extract, this sweet-tasting solid mint toothpaste prevents cavities. It is known for its anti-tartar effect. Moreover, this natural organic mint toothpaste cleanses the mouth. To offer you a fresh breath, it is accompanied by a duo of essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. In addition, this solid mint toothpaste is available in recyclable eco-refill.

The solid toothpaste without fluoride with peppermint

This is a natural toothpaste, certified Cosmos Natural and composed of 120 chewable tablets that provide a healthier oral hygiene. Made by cold saponification, non-abrasive, this organic solid toothpaste is rich in glycerin and contains sodium bicarbonate and silica. It is, moreover, devoid of toxic substances. The solid toothpaste peppermint keeps teeth white and protects them from plaque. It is compatible with the vegan diet and is carried everywhere.   

You can find this solid toothpaste in tablet form within the Y-Brush brand.

Crystal anti-tartar: a solid, soft and pleasant toothpaste refill

Presented in the form of a pebble in a recyclable cardboard box, the solid crystal toothpaste is used to refill a small metal box of Crystal in a very practical way. It limits, therefore, the emission of waste. The crystal solid toothpaste is formulated from coconut oil, clay, peppermint and field mint. This solid toothpaste refill remains soft for the gums and pleasant for the mouth.


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