Your child refuses to brush his teeth, what can you do?

Votre enfant refuse de se brosser les dents, que faire ??

Why is it bad?

Cavities are particularly dangerous for children, even more so if they eat sweets too often and don't brush their teeth properly. Poor oral hygiene is detrimental to your children's health and good practice starts when you're very young!

How to get your child to brush their teeth?

The secret is to start brushing when your child is very young. Even if your baby doesn't have teeth yet, he'll enjoy having his gums massaged (especially when teething hurts). If you've missed the boat and your children are older, the best way is to set an example for them. Put on a punchy song to set the tone!

Kids don't realize how long they've been brushing, they feel after thirty seconds it's enough! There is now a toothpaste that indicates where plaque is important so that the child realizes that brushing must be flawless to be effective. Take your child to the dentist so that the dentist can explain the importance of good oral hygiene (and especially the consequences of bad!).

Here are just a few techniques, by way of example, to motivate your child who refuses to brush their teeth, to take care of their quenottes.

  • Brushing teeth in front of your children. If we brush our teeth in front of our child as often as we use our phone, he will quickly ask for his own toothbrush!
  • Toothbrushing contests. We brush our teeth together, and whoever holds out the longest has won!
  • Inventing a song is a good way to set the rhythm. Two slaps in the hand, and we go left! The timer or the hourglass, of course! There are applications with timers for children, such as "Fun Timers For Parents". They will probably play the game more enthusiastically if they each choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste.

The best solution is Y-Brush!

It is available in children's size from 4 years old. Y-Brush guarantees a fast, effective and fun brushing for your child, for whom brushing will no longer be a chore!

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