What foods are not recommended for teeth?

Quels aliments sont déconseillés pour les dents ? - Y-Brush

Sugar in general is bad for your teeth. However, other foods also deteriorate oral health. Last week we listed some foods that are beneficial to the teeth and help whiten them.

Conversely, we then see today 6 foods that are not recommended for teeth!

1. Fruit Juices 

At first glance, a fruit juice may appear to be a harmless drink, even beneficial thanks to its high vitamin C content. But fruit juices are very rich in sugar and can attack the teeth. The solution would be to use a straw to limit the contact between the drink and the teeth to prevent the sugar from sticking directly to them.

2. Nougat

This confectionery made from honey, sugar and dried fruit can wreak havoc with your teeth. If you love nougat, it is advisable to crunch it because prolonged contact with sugar on the teeth increases the risk of cavities.

3. White wine

If you are a wine lover, note that this alcoholic beverage is not good for your teeth. Sugar is not the only nutrient that damages teeth, acidity is just as bad. The acidity contained in white wine has a corrosive effect on the enamel. When you drink white wine, accompany it with cheese, thanks to its ingredients, it can fight against the consequences of acidity.

4. Vitamins (to be chewed)

If you're addicted to vitamin supplements in the form of chewable lozenges, your teeth don't feel the same way. The sugar they contain is so fine that it sticks perfectly to your oral cavity and increases the risk of cavities. So take the pills instead of the tablets.

5. Dried fruit

While some fresh fruit that is full of water is good for the health of the mouth, dried fruit has the opposite effect. Their fibres contain very fine sugar particles, such as chewable vitamins and sweets. The best solution is to crunch an apple instead of a handful of dried fruit.

6. Barbecue sauce

In the list of foods not recommended for your teeth is also barbecue sauce. Of course, it gives an exceptional taste to the meat. However, it contains a lot of sugar. Brushing your teeth after eating pork chops is a must.

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