What do you have to eat to get white teeth?

Que faut-il manger pour avoir des dents blanches ? - Y-Brush

We all dream of a Julia Roberts smile, so we drop the expensive whitening and fill our shopping carts with foods that keep our teeth white.

Although oral hygiene plays an important role in keeping your teeth white, you should know that so does diet!

From now on, when you go shopping, don't hesitate to turn to the following 5 foods, they will give you a sparkling smile.

1. The lemon!

The acidity of lemon acts as a whitening agent that also serves to strengthen teeth. Squeeze a lemon to collect the juice, dip your toothbrush in the juice and brush. You can also cut the lemon into quarters and rub the pulp directly on the teeth.

2. Strawberries

Eating strawberries while helping to whiten teeth, what are people asking for? This small ruby-coloured fruit could be THE solution to have a bright smile. Not only is it good, but vitamin C also helps remove plaque. Strawberries also contain an enzyme that is a natural astringent that helps remove stains from the enamel surface.

3. Carrots

The carrot would be relentless in making teeth white (plus we respect the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables a day!) Its crunchy and abrasive texture prevents the accumulation of dental plaque. The carrot also helps the production of saliva, which therefore cleans teeth naturally. Economical and practical!

4. The nuts

With their crunchy texture and high fibre content, walnuts are ideal for removing plaque and surface stains from teeth. In addition, they are rich in protein and calcium, which strengthens teeth, gums and bones.

5. Lemon balm

She's our smiling asset for the selfies to come. Lemon balm helps to clean teeth, it is anti-stain and on top of that it gives good breath! We slip a few leaves in our bag for a little bit of fresh after breakfast.

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